Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 2 - Sharing the spotlight :)

Today's gonna be a quick one...I need to run to the grocery store. When you're out of ramen, you know you need to go shopping! Am I right? lol

Anyways, here I am...going for comfy today!

I even have my comfy gray sweatpants shame!

Got a couple of guests today though! Woohoo!!!

Carey rocking the gray today...I'll find something awesomely pink in October just for you ;) 
And Kim, one of our mentor moms from MOPS also sent me her gray yesterday!

Thank you ladies!!! Love ya tons!

I'll try to get a little more spiffy tomorrow...was feeling lazy and tired today...haha! But whatever, I'm in gray, so it's all good.

As Red Two would say, "Peace!" in like a deep tough voice...silly girl!

And, if anyone wants to send me their gray pics, I'd absolutely love to post it!!! Thanks for the love and spreading the word!