Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 31! Finis

Wow, another thirty-one days of gray down!

I made it without any repeats again! haha...that might be a sign that I have too many clothes ;) Nawwwww, no such thing!

We had a nice relaxing Saturday. Red One was still at her sleepover all morning. I even got to sleep in a bit! When I made it downstairs to make pancakes, I found out Red Two had actually stayed up all night! Don't really know how late Red Three made it. R1 was mad, because she only stayed up till 1:30 at her official sleepover...hahaha...what was so hilarious though, was that when pancakes were ready, we couldn't find R2. Finally discovered her asleep in the bathroom! Bwhahahaha!!! We totally have blackmail pics, but she'd be mad if I actually posted them. ;) See, Mommy does love you!

David and R1 went paintballing. Unfortunately he's having gun troubles :/ ugh...that means more parts buying...booooo! I got the rest of the lawn mowed while they were gone though, so not a total wash.

Today was Sarah's birthday! I needed to drop off her present. I found this awesome Doctor Who version of Yahtzee (which is one of her favorite games). She's a bit of a fan like me, so I knew she'd love it. Isn't it cool?!?!?!? And then next weekend we're gonna have a joint celebration cookout for her and David's birthdays. That'll be tons of fun! Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!

While I was at the store, David wanted me to find a game like the one the characters were playing in Chuck. It's our new show to watch's cute and actiony...basically he's an everyday computer nerd (Zachary Levi) who gets government secrets downloaded in his head, and he's guarded by an NSA agent (Adam Baldwin) and a CIA agent (Yvonne Strahovski). We've been enjoying it. Anyways, in one scene several characters are playing this board game that kinda seems like a version of the Newlywed Game. David thought it looked like a really fun game to play, so he wanted me to look for something similar. I found Say Anything, which seemed to have a pretty close concept, so we'll try that out sometime, see if it's any good.

Thank you to everyone who read, commented, supported, and especially wore gray in the month of May. I really appreciate it! Please continue to raise brain cancer awareness, and most importantly, pray for all those affected by it in anyway. But don't worry, this won't be the last of me! I'll keep posting updates, flashbacks and outfits!