Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 21 - New Do! Plus, Supernatural finale

I had fun growing my hair out and experimenting with all kinds of cute hairdos, from Pinterest, of course!...but, it was time to chop it off. David's one of those rare men who actually likes short hair better than long...he'd been hounding me for a while to get it cut. :) I've been loving all the pixie cuts lately, especially Jennifer Lawrence's...hers was my favorite! 

So stinking cute! (not a huge fan of 5, but love the rest!)

So, when I went in to the salon, I showed her the pic. She was so funny...when she was about to cut, she was like, are you ready? I laughed and told her I'm so not attached to my hair...not the first time I've chopped it...and certainly not the shortest cut I've gotten either. Think I'll be dyeing it again...well, I know I'll be dyeing it, it's awful, but gonna go bright for the summer. I did crazy colors a couple years ago and loved it! Think I'll start with blue ;)



I really like it. She blowdried it a little poufy...which I kinda hate, but the cut itself is great! I'll just make sure when I style it to make the sides and back flat, and leave the top part tousled.

So last night was the Supernatural! I'm so shocked and wowed and it was an amazing show, as always! Their finales always seem to pull out the stops. Of course, it started out playing Carry On My Wayward Son...ugh, you know it's gonna be a tearjerker if that song plays! 

So, this was us before the show...
And this was us after the

SPOILERS....OK, warning you, gonna spoil the ending, so if you haven't watched it yet, don't read further...

Jensen even warned us!
No turning back
Look at this awesome magnet Sarah got me! She knows I love the show :D

Last chance

Knife, twist...well, actually, there was a knife to the heart

Hate Metatron!!! cue gross sobbing! 
But at least we got our brotherly love back before they dashed our hearts to the ground.
"I'm proud of us." *sniffle

I've got to admit, I'm on pins and needles to see where they take the show next season! Gonna be heartrending and amazing, I have no doubt! Hello hellatus, you old friend...