Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 24 - I've got the blues

This morning I woke up and that awful bleach job had to go! ;) lol...seriously though, couldn't go in public like that. 

It was pancake morning, but David had been craving monkey bread, so that was on the menu this morning instead, along with some bacon and eggs...mmmmmm! Delicioso! Sorry, my inner Dora came out. Afterwards I headed upstairs to wash it out. I told David I might look like a Jotunheim frost was really funny until I totally had to explain the entire reference...lost its point after a while! lol...but I was definitely Jotunheiming a good bit! I had to keep washing my hands as I was fixing my hair, and scrubbing my face to get the blue that kept transferring! I still have a good bit on my scalp and's always a mess at first! lol I should have gotten a pic then...and captioned it with "So I am no more than another stolen relic..." Bonus points to whoever can tell me what that's from. ;)

I do so love it though! It's fun to throw some crazy colors on for a few months...I did it a couple years ago for the summer...but not all my hair. It was longer then, so I just did big chunks. This time since my hair is short, I did all of it.

Liked the way my eye makeup came out too! Lol...the sun came out on that last shot!

Sorry, I know that's a lot of selfies...but I just love how my hair came out! David took Laela paintballing. Dad and I got some lawnwork done while the girls did their chores. Then they played outside for a good long bit.

Then they decided to have a tea party in the back...too cute!

Buddy wearing Daddy's mask

We even headed to the little playground across the street for some fun. Look at that beautiful sky!

Great day, even better knowing that we have two more days to relax and have fun!