Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 11 - Someday's I'm a slob ;)

Totally wasn't in the mood for anything but comfy clothes today! And apparently Buddy wasn't in the mood for hardly any clothes...hahaha! My little redneck boy!

I had to get Red Two to take the pic, since the shorts are gray...selfies don't quite cut it :)

My agenda today consisted of the first crazy, hectic couple of hours it takes to get the girls to their three different schools...then a little bit of relaxing. Buddy and I hung out on the hammock for a was so beautiful this morning. Then dishes!!! tidying, trying to tame the chaos a bit. Then time to get the kids, off to set up for MOPS tomorrow (I can't believe tomorrow is my next to last meeting ever!), a quick stop at the grocery store for the essentials (milk, bread, cheese)...then home for leftovers (told y'all I wasn't in the mood for much). Now I've got a couple of desserts in the oven to bring to MOPS in the morning and then off to bed! And that's all she wrote! ;) Nighty night! (Isn't my life exciting! lol