Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 22 - Playing Hooky

Yes, I let the kids stay home from school after David told them they were so happy! When they finally woke up! hahaha! It wound up being a nice balance of relaxing and hanging out...and actually getting a little bit of work done. Buddy even got to play with his friends for a little bit! Dacia's kiddos came over to play for a bit...oh my goodness, they are so cute! Bear, the 2 year old, told Glitter "I like Miss CaryCate (I love his pronunciation!) but I like her tractors better!" Could he be any cuter??? And Buddy and Lion played together so well!

Oh my goodness, the craziest thing happened!!! Sparkle and I cleaned up the patio and backyard a bit. Then I put the tent up for the sleepover tonight. But I couldn't find the tent pegs.,..but I had some little ones from my beach hut, so I was hoping those would work. Unfortunately it was super windy today. So a little while later, the girls look outside and yell, where's the tent? It was gone!!! like, vanished, no mas! I was shocked...where could it be??? I was starting to wonder, could somebody have stolen it, no way, that would be crazy. But it was nowhere in the yard...then as I'm looking around, I look over in my neighbor's yard, like, almost two houses down, and I see some neighbors looking at something strangely...turns out the huge tent (it sleeps 8 I think) had blown over the fence and tumbled all the way down there! I couldn't believe it! So we rolled it back over the fence and then put some paving stones on the inside to hold it down. So far so good! haha, that was so crazy!

Sparkle's friend brought her a giant cookie cake! and she didn't even know that we watched Mean Girls last night, but that's what it said...she knew Sparkle loves it! How great is that?

And here's my gray for the day...

#nomakeup! #feelinglazy