Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 1 - Gray Day! Kicking off Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Today officially starts Brain Cancer Awareness month! Can you believe this is my 3rd year of doing this? Once again I will be wearing gray everyday in May to raise awareness for brain cancer. And as always, if you send me a pic of you in gray, I will gladly post them also! The more the merrier!

This year I actually have an official #GoGrayinMay shirt! I got it from Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, an organization that raises money to "invest in research aimed at finding the fastest possible route to a cure for brain cancer."

Here is a link to check out their website and get more information on how to get involved. They also still have shirts available, with proceeds going towards research (and they are super soft and comfy! lol).

They also have a site with lots of personal stories from people affected by brain cancer, it's very moving! Although perhaps you might want to have a tissue nearby before you click. ;)

Head to toe gray

David's debit card expired today and they hadn't sent a new one yet, so he needed me to come bring him some lunch money ;) Thankfully he wasn't working too far...just up in Springfield, which is about 35 minutes from home. While I was there, I got him to snap a few shots...think he got a little carried away...hahaha! Thanks babe! lol

Buddy wore gray, and also expressed his support for the new Avengers movie (which I cannot wait to see, btw!!!)

Today you'll get a bonus post, as I'm going out with friends for a fundraiser for my MOPS group and then girls' night! so I'll have to get all purtied up for that :) Probably in the future, my posts will be at the end of the day, but we'll see. I also need to get pics of the girls in their gray today, but seeing as they are all at school atm, they'll get in the bonus post.

Ta ta for now...