Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Countdown to Gray!

It's hard to believe it's almost May! Winter weather dragged out here for so long, that it's difficult to accept that May is already upon us. It felt like it's only been spring for a couple weeks! As most of you probably know (wink, wink) May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month. My personal way of raising awareness is to wear gray (or silver, totally counts!) every day and post a pic to this blog. Gray is the color for Matters! is one of the catchphrases. David and I always found that hilarious! I actually named my Brain Cancer Awareness board on Pinterest "Gray Matters." So right now I am enjoying the last couple days of wearing bright colors and the finally spring like temperatures! It's heavenly!

This past weekend the kids and I volunteered with Rebuilding Together, a nationwide organization that helps low income home owners with repairs, upkeep and other projects. There was a townwide effort, hundreds of people volunteering! Our church, Church of the Living God, participates every year, but this was the first time we were able to be involved. David had to work, so I wound up bringing Buddy along too. I was a little worried, but he did awesome! Our group was mainly doing yard work for an elderly lady, but also some painting and gardening. We had about 20 people from our church, and a group of high-schoolers joined us at the house. I did a ton of raking...Buddy helped me out...until he found a swing ;) Red Three enjoyed the flower planting. The older girls decided their calling was painting...ugh! They predictably ended up covered in paint! It was funny, the neighbor wasn't too pleased with all the hubbub, and then we wound up raking his lawn as well. Hopefully that changed his our group leader said, "We're gonna kill him with kindness!" Then since we still had a little bit of time, we moved on to the other neighbor's yard as well. They seemed really grateful! 

Here's a link to the organization's website

Once the morning was over, we headed to the park for the picnic provided by the town and many local businesses. Kim and her family had also participated through a volunteer group at the school, so we met up with them at the park. There was a ton of really good food...Chipotle had even donated some burritos! I snagged one of them ASAP! lol...It was still a bit chilly, especially since we weren't working anymore, but the kids gorged themselves on tons of ice cream treats! hahaha Then they got to play at the park for a bit before we headed home...we were all exhausted. I wound up taking a big nap once we got home! I was scared I was gonna be so sore the next day, but it was pretty mild, so that was a relief!

On Sunday we had a guest speaker at church, who also had a couple of evening services. I had totally forgotten it was this weekend. I almost didn't go to the evening service, I was feeling terrible and was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. But I really felt the need, so I made myself go. I had had a crappy day...just feeling super emotional and drained, unappreciated...basically having a pity party moment, if you know what I mean. :) We've all been there, right? Anyways, worship was fantastic...the youth were leading it and they were on fire! And guess what, I felt totally fine, stomach no longer hurt, not tired! Then Pastor Robbie Evans preached on the gift of prophecy. For as many years as I've been involved in the Pentecostal style of worship, I had never been at a prophetic service. It was amazing! We were all praying where we were, and as he was led he would stop at one person or another and speak over their lives for everyone to hear. So I was praying, crying...blubbering really, lol...I was a mess...basically crying out to God that I needed him. All my loneliness and stress and exhaustion boiled down to just "Father, I need you, I need you." I don't typically pray to the Father either, more Jesus, if that makes sense. So as I'm praying I notice that he gives the microphone to his wife and she starts making her way down the aisle. I was sitting towards the back on the aisle...and I just had a feeling that she was coming to me...but I didn't want to get my hopes up. So she stops by me and starts speaking...bear in mind, I've never seen these people before, they had never been to our church, I was praying silently...and she says "I see you and I hear you. Surrender (or maybe submit...I have an awful memory, so I can't remember all the words) to my love, Jesus who died on the cross for you." 

Just, wow! I was so happy! I didn't even care that everyone was paying attention, I had no embarrassment...I was thrilled! What an answer to prayer, so direct, such as I've never gotten in my life! I was always so hungry for God to speak to me, to touch me...for so many years it would break my heart that I felt no tangible touch from God. I never had the gift of tongues, never felt God's Presence, etc...I used to cry about it all the time. But I always clung to the verse that says "Blessed are they who have not seen and still believe" like, that's me!!! My faith was never shaken by the lack, I didn't doubt, but I hungered for it! It's only in the last couple of years that I've even started to feel God's Presence at times, mostly during worship. So to have him answer my prayer so clearly was the biggest gift! He truly is awesome! I was praying that he would burn the memory in my heart and mind so I never forget!

Yesterday was the Spring Tea at my MOPS group. It's always the best meeting! We have breakfast catered, we (at least some of us) dress up if we want to. Some of the moms speak about their lives and walk with God. Yesterday's was as good as always! The speakers were so real, and so inspiring in their honesty and vulnerability, it was such a blessing! We also had some fun props at a "Selfie Station" to take was so fun!

Buddy wanted in on the fun!
Then I got a trim last night! Love my stylist!

So yesterday I wake up and my arm is so itchy and killing it's even worse! I must have come into contact with something on Saturday...Poison Ivy??? I dunno, but it's awful! Hopefully it clears up quickly, the itching is getting intolerable!

Warning...Gross pic alert! lol

That's the biggest patch...but I have several little ones all over my arm :(

Welp, can't wait for May...I've got lots of gray to show off!
And remember, if you want to be featured, send me a pic with you in gray, I'd love to share it!!!