Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 26 - Busy busy bee!

First, my gray!

Fight Cancer! This is the family friendly version! lol

Y'all will be happy to know I finally got a new battery charger for my good camera, so now that the month is basically over, I should finally start having some decent pics! lol

I was just running all over the place today! I needed to go grocery shopping...had to get ready for David's party! Thankfully Walmart actually sells full briskets (they can be really hard to find up here in Yankee land!) I got one of those, plus a couple of pork shoulders. Those will be going on the smoker tomorrow night! 

Then I had to rush back to take Shift to the doctor...she's been having this really weird stomach thing going on since the infamous sleepover! haha...but seriously, she's been dry heaving at irregular intervals since Tuesday! No actual vomiting, just sounds like it! It's the weirdest thing! Finally took her to the doctor, since I couldn't figure it out. Neither could doc said she thought it was just a viral stomach bug...but if she's not better by Monday then I'm supposed to call them. 

Then back home to try to clean up a bit, put the groceries away...get party ready. Seriously, these kids! Driving me nuts...I told Shift (who had dish duty yesterday) to do ALL the dishes. Like, I know there are leftover dishes from the day before...that's because my kids think that if they load the dishwasher they are done...doesn't matter if there are still a bunch of dishes left or items to be their minds, they did the dishes. Doesn't matter that I've said they are responsible for ALL the dishes, they have to clean them all somehow...nope, start the dishwasher, disappear. AARRGGHHHHHH....makes me SO mad! And if by some miracle they actually do all the dishes, the sink will still be nasty and full of gross things, because EWWW, I don't want to touch that! yeah, I told her, do ALL the dishes. I get home, they are not all done. Same thing, I told Fluffernutter, who has the kitchen this week...make sure you clean all the counters and get everything off the floor. Nope. The floor was pretty decent...the counters were another story. Story of my life. They are the best kids most of the time. Really respectful. Super sweet and helpful. Terrible work ethic! I have tried and many different things. I don't want to do it for them...I want them to own it...but don't know how to get it through their thick it right the first time! It'll save them time in the long run, not to mention tears and frustrations (the tears are mostly OK, rant over...for

David had his PT and speech today...we ran into a bit of traffic, which was weird, wasn't rush hour...we were like 5 min late to a 3:00 appointment. But they wound up taking him to PT at 3:30 and then to speech it took longer than expected. The physical therapist came to talk to me, touch bases...she said this time, not only did his heart rate jump up like usual, but he actually had chest pains! Which is a bit worrisome...he's never felt anything when his heart rate rises. I mean, Sloan ran every test on him to figure out what was causing that accelerated heart rate, and nothing. But now he's having chest pain? Not too happy about that. She did suggest maybe trying to get a sitting down pedal he could still build some strength, but avoid standing and hopefully that would keep his heart rate down. So we'll look into that. 

Heading home we stopped at Dunkin for some iced tea...and then he decided that he was done with Atkins. I was happy, I didn't think Atkins was a good choice for right now. He's on chemo, Atkins can really drain your energy...not to mention it might be hard on your stomach a bit. Now's not the time to be stressing his body even more. So then, we stopped next door at a local ice cream place we've now passed a bunch! lol... Frisbies Dairy Barn. It was pretty good...David enjoyed his first sugar in a while! But really, I think it's a good thing...I wasn't that happy about him going on it to begin with, but wanted to support him in what he thought would be good. 

Finally got home about 5:30 (traffic! plus the extended appointment)...ready to make pancakes! Buddy asked for pancakes yesterday, so I told him we'd have breakfast for dinner! He was so happy...he's easy to please! lol...but then I freaked out...I knew Glitter had her spring concert at school tonight at 6:30...I figured they'd want her there like 6:15. Nope...6:00! I only got one batch of pancakes made...bacon still in the oven...jumped in the car and ran down to the school to drop her off. Back home, get the bacon out, cook another upstairs to change...I had my tank and stretchy shorts on...not quite the right look for a concert ;) I wound up just throwing on a maxi skirt and leaving the tank...good enough! Shift took over pancake duty. Buddy decided he wanted to come with me, even though he'd already seen the concert during school today. So off we went. It was cute, but of course, he lost interest about half way through. Nope, we can't leave. lol...oh well. 

 They were so cute...did a great job!
Glitter and her bestie!
Buddy being silly

Home at last! lol...fixing to hit the lots to do tomorrow, but at least I don't have to go anywhere...I think...better check! well...I do have one thing...Fluffernutter has rock band practice, but not till 6...and I think I'll just drop her off. That's manageable ;)