Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 25 - Blessed

Guys, I almost have no words. Seriously, such an amazing end to a great day! OK, let me start at the beginning.

I know it's hard to tell, but the background on the shirt is all gray! 
Isn't this the best bag ever??? Goodwill find FTW!

Today Buddy had his end of the year celebration field trip to a local park with nature trails, a big pond, playground, etc. Thankfully I was able to chaperone! Yay! I always like trying at least do a couple if I can. I remember going on Glitter's same field trip, 5 years ago! He was so happy I came! And all the kids were so cute..."Mrs Woolley, I like your pink hair." hahaha, they are so adorable! The kids got to run and round and play for a while. Thankfully yesterday's gloomy weather was gone...bright, sunny, got up to 90!!! Wow! Supposed to stay hot the next few days...I shan't complain!

look at those knobby knees!
best hat ever!

After they played we took a nature walk. The kids' comments were too funny. "Look at the nature!" "I saw an eagle!" "Don't kill the nature!"

We saw a tree that was almost completely eaten through by beavers! and a bunch of downed ones...I was surprised this one was still standing! 
Butterfly Garden

Then it was lunchtime! And somehow, they all got their energy back and started running around like crazy again! lol...At one point I had a bunch of the boys all trying to get me and tickle me...hoping I would tickle them funny! When they were fixing to head back to school, Buddy said "Thank you so much for coming Mommy!" This boy! lol...he knows how to melt my heart!

We love Mrs. Kilgus!!! She's had 3 out of my 4 kiddos for Kindergarten!

I didn't quite enjoy the weather so much once I got home and needed to mow. It was really hot! But still, I'd much rather it was hot than cold!

whew...glad that's done! 
Glamour shot!!! haha, jk...this is what's known as a sweaty selfie!

Because I got so hot and sweaty, this is a bonus outfit day! lol...I took the coldest shower I could stand, trying to cool off! David and I were arguing over the color of this dress. I said it was gray...he said it was faded black. Really?? Isn't that just known as gray??? hahahaha

Anyways, back to what I was so happy about! Tonight I had my ladies bible study again...I honestly look forward to it every week! I love seeing my friends, but also, I'm always so encouraged and motivated! This particular study might just be my favorite yet. There have been some really good ones, and some just meh...but this one I am really loving! It's about how to pray with power and's almost like a handbook, a how to...which I totally need. I've always had a hard time praying, doesn't really come that naturally. This makes sense to me...I'm so concrete and practical, so vague doesn't cut it. This totally breaks it down, while letting you personalize it, etc. I've actually stayed up some nights journaling till like 1 in the morning! Which is so not my norm! It's awesome.

I mentioned that last week's topic was about fear, and how we prayed for each other and it was awesome. Well, this week was so special! So, as I'm sitting at my group's table, I did actually notice that several ladies had gray on (I tend to notice that, but didn't really think anything of it...then Emily, my group leader, once we had broken into our group, said that they all wore gray today to show support for me, since it was the last meeting in May. So sweet!!!

Me and my good friend Helen (she had to leave early, so I made sure to get a pic!)
Lovely ladies!!! So blessed with this group! 

So that was already totally awesome! But then they put me in the hot seat (lol...that's really what we call it...haha) and they all gathered around and prayed for me and David and the kids. I was so touched...and totally emotional. That's why tissues are always on hand...hahahah! It was great. Then we went on with the discussion for this week. So at 8:30 we headed back to the main group...and then Jackie, our leader, called me up to the hot seat there! the whole group could pray for me! Normally I'd be so self-conscious and uncomfortable...but I was just like, this is great! I didn't even care, I was just soaking up all the good words and praising God. It was seriously wonderful...just powerful! And thankfully, one of my friends wrote everything down for me, so I can always remember what was spoken over me and my family! And to take it over the top, they also did a collection for us, along with more notes and prayers. It was incredible! I couldn't wait to go home and read everything to David...he was so amazed and grateful! Just trying to soak it all in...

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it. I am so incredibly thankful that we were led to this amazing church. I have always felt the love and care of everyone, from the main pastor on down, since we started going there over five years ago...but it just keeps getting better and better. I truly feel like we are a family...and can't imagine trying to go through this without my sisters (and brothers too, I guess :P) in Christ. Y'all are definitely God's hands and feet. I can't thank you enough for all you do for my family! 💗✞💗