Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 29 - Celebrate!

Today was David's actual birthday, but we had his party last night. So in the morning I totally cheated and crutched (which means wrapping up in foil to speed along the stall...which is when the brisket will hover in the 140-150 temperature range...can last several hours before it breaks through) the brisket, and threw it in the oven. I needed the room on the smoker for the two pork butts! Don't worry, the brisket got plenty of smoke over the eleven hours it was actually on the smoker ;) It had a pretty nice bark on in! Then I spend about an hour weeding the patio! lol...I had tried to spray the weeds earlier this week, but they didn't die in time...I don't mind weeding normally (well, when I remember to) but I hate weeding the hurts, even with gloves on, scraping on the bricks...and they're a lot tougher to pull! Buddy helped me sweep it all up. I got the older two to mow the back...of course they waited a little too long and it was a scorcher! I got it all decorated and set was looking good! Our neighbor John even came and weed-eated the whole yard! Such a sweetie!

I was trying to get the inside all was mostly done, but needed to be mopped, etc. Also prepped the peach cobbler...I told David if I ever do make it for him again, I am so buying frozen peaches!!! I was trying to be nice and get him fresh, but they are a pain to peel! And yes, I used the whole boil it for a minute then dunk it in ice hit or miss! Just reinforced my aversion! lol

I still needed to grab ice and ice cream, so David and I headed for Fish Family Farms for the ice cream. That's David's absolute favorite. It's a local dairy farm, you can even go in the barn and see some of the cows and calves if they have them. He made me get 4 quarts...I didn't even know if I could fit them all in the freezer! As we were heading home a sudden storm hit us! It was crazy...nothing to torrential in just a few seconds! We got home and were like, let's wait, you could see it wasn't big! We could see blue skies! Instead it got even harder! We finally made a run for soaked...and was so bummed! Then of course it cleared away a few minutes later! I looked at the radar, it was this tiny little multicolored storm a bulls-eye right over our house! Argh! A bunch of the decorations came down :( I had a bunch of crepe streamers outside and they melted away...boooo!!!! Oh well, at least the paper lanterns were all fine. I had to throw the tablecloths in the dryer...and dump all the chairs that had been set up. We put the camper chairs in the sun, hoped they'd dry in an hour! 

Thankfully I'd already pulled the meat off the smoker before the storm. The pork was taking a little long, so I put them in the over to finish off. Finally, we were pretty much ready! 

my cute grey dress I scored at Savers! lol

We had a wonderful time! Lots of food, drink and friends! We had a good crowd, I wanna say like 20 or some kids. My kids were gonna be banished upstairs, but they wound up playing in the backyard, well, the younger two...but they were great. I wish I had taken more pictures...but I was running around at the beginning...and then I was just having y'all will have to take my word for it! ;) I did get a few...and Glitter took some I stole a few from my friend's phone.
me and my girls! Kim wore a dress just for me! ❤
my adorable little man
David was so happy to get a poker game!
Daddy was making her show off ;)

David had a really good time! It's been a while since we entertained at all...and as much he's a hermit, he really likes having people over! Maybe since he doesn't have to leave the he actually stayed downstairs the whole time!!!! Like 5 hours! That's pretty amazing! He was really happy. Of course today he didn't get up till around 530, but hey, it was worth it! And he watched 3 movies with the kids and I today, so that was cool too!

Thank you to everyone who came and all the food! It was great and we so enjoyed your company. We really appreciate everyone's support and I'm thankful we had such a great turnout to celebrate his birthday!

And here is today's gray!

I even managed to snag a pic with the birthday boy!

The girls were so cute! They made David a present by pulling out pics from my photo albums that had Daddy and them in them and put them all in a new book with captions and everything. They were so excited to show was precious! And Fluffernutter made him a pineapple upside down cake, one of his favorites! 🎂 They love their Daddy!