Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 24 - Gray Day

Last night while I was trying to write my post, Shift was asking if her friend could spend the night. On a school night. Which is normally just an automatic no. But she's very persistent. They've been getting up early and walking to school together lately...and she was all, it'll make it easier. We'll be quiet. We'll go straight to bed...blah blah blah. Finally I was like, fine, but don't ask me again, not happening again...grrr! lol...I was too distracted with trying to get through my post. So, they were actually good...didn't hear a peep. Until this morning at 7:20..."Mommy, I feel like I'm going to throw up." NNNOOOOOOooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! So she's dry heaving over the toilet...lovely. Then she's all, my friend doesn't feel good either. Um, no. I am not dealing with this. This is what I get for letting you have a sleepover on a school night. I am not gonna be responsible for someone else's kid missing school! lol...so I said I'm either taking her friend to school, or if she really feels sick, she needs to go home. We are not having a fun "sick" day at our house! lol...she wound up going home...did not need that headache! hahaha

Sarah and Kim and I finally managed to get together for a walk. We've been wanting to start trying to walk at least weekly, but never quite managed to all be free at the same time. Even though it was a bit drizzly, we did it! Yay! lol...there's a beautiful reservoir nearby with a great trail. We even saw some baby goslings...thought the momma geese would be hissing at us, but they just ran away. I find it's always easier to get motivated to exercise when you have someone else pushing you on. Now if I could just do that every day! 

This year has been crazy with the wildlife...coyotes have been attacking dogs on a lot of the hiking trails! Kim saw one run right through her yard! Supposedly it's pup season, so they're protecting their young...but they've been really aggressive. I've never once heard of them attacking until this year! I didn't even know there were coyotes around here! And they aren't just small dogs they're attacking...I heard one bit a pit-bull! Yikes! So they've got this sign posted at the trail. I don't know why they aren't taking care of the problem...it's only a matter of time until they attack the people with the dogs!

Got a few things done around the house. Trying to plan for the party this weekend. Our sweet neighbor stopped by and grabbed all my junk that's been on the side of the house. John was making a dump run and offered to take all the rotten wood, etc, that's been there for months!!! Thanks John!!!

Finally got David to get his blood work done at 3:00...I wanted to go sooner, but he was exhausted. Of course, it took forever, so then I couldn't pick up the kids...thankfully Kim grabbed them for me! And that's about it...;) 

David says he "weirdly enough likes my necklace, even if it is a bit 80s"
he didn't like my booties though, they were too 80s! lol
It was cooler today, so I wore my awesome poncho-ish top...super comfy and cute!

Awww, Buddy just asked if he could paint my nails! He's too cute!

silver totally counts as gray!
 then he wanted me to take his picture so everyone knew who did them! lol...I think he knows he's adorable!