Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 13 - Friday the 13th! lol

Well, no misfortune over here today :P I actually had a pretty good day! This morning Sarah and I met up for brunch at one of our favorites...Cosmic Omelet! I hadn't seen her since she took the kids for me with no notice! I should have snapped a pic of us together...she was looking super cute! She actually had to head to work afterward...looking good chica! We had a good talk...while we wish we didn't have so much in common, it's comforting to be able to talk about all the crappy parts of life with someone who understands what you're feeling and what you're going through.

simple and comfy

After that I headed home to work on the Social Security disability application. We were thinking it might be better to go in person, but the first available appointment wasn't for a couple weeks. I wound up filling out the online application...which took quite some time! Thankfully I had gotten all the info together yesterday, so it wasn't as torturous as it could have been. Because of the seriousness of David's condition, I think it can be expedited, so it said to call after submitting. But we'll have to wait until Monday. 

I also started planning David's birthday party...he wants to have a party, so he's getting a party! lol It'll be a barbecue potluck style...should be fun! Unfortunately, he can't drink while he's on chemo...but I'll try to make up for it ;)

Tonight I had my ladies get together. It's a small group of us from church, etc that have been meeting for a little over a year. It's so great to develop deeper can be hard to do that at church standing around in the foyer. We have also encouraged each other, strengthened each other, laughed (a lot!), cried even more, and best of all, grown in our relationships with God. I am always better off after I get home! I wanted to get a picture of us, but by the time we wrapped up it was 1030! Which is actually pretty normal for We get together for dinner and dessert, talk and laugh...then pray for each other and sometimes study Scripture, if there's not a study going on at church. Love you ladies! :)

Remember, send me your gray pics!!!