Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 15 - Day of Rest

Well, what I feared came to pass. Since I had such a long nap Sat. afternoon...even though I was exhausted, I couldn't fall asleep until about 3am! ugh!!! On the plus side, I got a ton of my prayer notebook filled out! lol

Speaking of sleeping, look at this adorable Buddy! He's still got Daddy's hardhat on!

So, of course, that meant I missed first church. But missing second church wasn't an option, I had nursery duty. I actually really enjoy working the nursery...that's how I get my baby fix! Plus, it's a great time for my friend Helen and I to catch up...we always look forward to our turn, as we know we'll get to chat. Unfortunately, David wasn't able to go with us. He really tried, even got all ready, but his leg was just too painful. :( I hate this...wish we knew what the problem was!

Buddy wore gray today!
I didn't have much gray on today, I had to wear my nursery shirt...but my headband is silver!
And I had a gray sweater, so I totally count!

Then when we got home from church, a friend and her husband came over to mow my backyard! Oh my word, it was just about a jungle back there. I felt bad about having someone else deal with it! I'm just glad my mower was able to (barely) handle it! We had a nice visit with her little one, while he toiled away Our neighbor jumped in and helped him too, which was such a nice surprise! Although, our lawn was a bit much for his mower, I think his wheel fell off! oops! I was so grateful to them though! Even though it was probably more than bargained for (:D) it was such a big help! 

The rest of the day was pretty low key...a little bit of cleaning...a little TV...oh, and I gave Glitter a haircut. I'll have to post pics of it tomorrow. She looks super cute, even if I didn't do the best job...I need better scissors...and maybe lessons...haha!