Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 14 - Topsy Turvy

This day started with a bang! Last night David was running a low grade fever, 100.6. We called his oncologist office at 5:40, because since he's on chemo, if he has a fever over 100.4 we are supposed to call. The office was closed, but the on-call doctor said it was probably just the cold that the kids (and now I) had. But just to be safe, she thought he should get a respiratory swab and urine sample to check for infection. His primary care doc has extended hours, but we weren't able to get in that night, but made an appointment for 9:30 this morning. OK, all well and good, we thought.

I got back from my get together...David and I are hanging out, finally go to bed around midnight. I had literally just fallen asleep when my phone rings! with a NY number! The on-call doctor said she spoke to Dr. Omuro, who wanted David to go to the ER to get checked out, and also get his blood counts along with the other tests. Really??? I mean, of course we are going to go...but I was SO tired! lol

We actually went to the Manchester Hospital...which David's never been to. We usually go to the Hartford Hospital, since that's where all his surgeries were, and all his records are there. But we were both tired, didn't feel like driving there...and we were hoping it wouldn't be that long. So we get there...didn't wait long at all, they brought us back to a room quickly. They got his blood drawn, they were a little worried about his high heart rate...but we told them he's already had every test done on it. They did an EKG too though. All the blood work came back fine, which was great. They also did a flu swab (negative), a chest x-ray (clear), and urine sample (no infection). 

The other problem we brought up while we were there, was that David's leg was killing him! He could barely walk or put any weight on it. His right calf area was just slightly swollen, and just really, really hurting. It had started a couple days earlier, but got worse until last night was really bad. They went ahead a took an x-ray to rule out a break, since he had a couple of big falls two days ago. No break. They were concerned it might be a blood clot. I have to admit, the thought had crossed my mind, so I was glad it was getting checked out. They needed to get an ultrasound to see if that was the case, only problem, the ultrasound team leaves at midnight and doesn't get back till 7:00. By the time all the other tests were run and the results came back, it was about 5:30. At that point they figured we might as well wait.

So David was on a gurney, he was sleeping away most of the night, no problem! Other then the pain in the leg, that is. I, on the other hand, was in the worst little plastic chair. I kept drifting off for like 15 min, then waking up in pain from whatever position I'd managed to find myself At that point, since I knew nothing was going to be done for a while, I told David, I'm going out in the car to sleep for an hour! Of course, it was freezing, but I blasted the heat for a few min, managed to find a kid's coat that had been left out there...and conked out! It wasn't long enough, but it helped! 

So I went back in at 7:00...and nothing...ultrasound didn't show up until around 8:30! David told me later that they had actually brought in a comfy chair for me, like right after I'd gone out to the car! hahaha, dagnabbit! :/ I had a nice surprise visit though! My friend Heather works at the hospital, and thought she'd see if we were at the same place! It was nice to see a friendly face...and yes, I should have taken her up on her offer of coffee! lol...I thought we'd be getting out of there soon, but wound up taking till around 11! oh well...

So anyways, the ultrasound came back negative, no blood clot! Thank the Lord! Still had to wait an hour for the doctor to come release us. So, at least we know that the leg pain, while not fun, isn't serious. We are supposed to follow up with his regular doctor on Monday. He got a bag of fluids, which is always good...he doesn't drink enough! And we ruled out anything bad...but let me tell you, my bed never looked so good! I got home...told the kids, clean up! and crashed till 6:00. I could have slept longer, but I was hoping to actually be able to sleep tonight. hahaha, Fluffernutter told me she didn't even notice we were gone! Thanks babe! lol...we told her when we left...but she was still sleeping (it was Sat morning!) when we got least someone had a good night's rest!

When I woke up, the kids had "cleaned"...poorly, but better than nothing...I was too tired to get on to them. I manage to boil some gnocchi and pour some cheese sauce over it for them. Buddy really, really wanted me to cook for them. He begged...and then hated it! hahahahaha....I forgot he doesn't like gnocchi. Sorry Bud, I tried! 
Shift had gray on today!
I was slumming it today! no makeup, sweats and a tee...
although it's a totally awesome tee a friend sent me as a surprise! It has all the New Who (Doctor Who that is) companions' names! Thanks Doc!!! I love it!
look at my cute (completely crazy) puppy!
see, they are totally gray! Hard to tell in the pic above! I love jogger sweats! so comfy, but still a little cute ;)

So that was my's always something! Hoping for some peace and quiet tomorrow! lol

And come on, send me some gray pics!!!!!!