Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 20 - Friyay!

We are all so ready for school to be over! I saw the funniest meme on Facebook the other day...

basically! true! Today was so beautiful though! I didn't spend as much outside as I'd have liked, but it was just lovely! I was excited, I finally had a chance to use my Mother's Day gift certificate for a pedicure from the kids...wink, wink...thanks Julie! :) Oh my word, it was so good! They have the best massage chairs...and the water was super hot, my feet turned red, but it was perfect! She didn't rush either, so I got a long foot rub...heavenly!

I wound up going with a pretty, purply, silver, glittery know, it's one of the opalescent colors that changes a little bit depending on the light. I almost went with my usual turquoise...but this was so pretty!

Then I stopped at Savers to drop off a bunch of stuff the kids outgrew. I know they have more we need to go through, but I wanted to get what I had out of the car ;) And, even though I looked a little bit, I was good and didn't even buy anything! Yay me! lol

lots of gray today! Thanks Fluffernutter for playing photographer ;)

Alrighty...time to catch up on last year...I only got through June before everything went crazy this month!

July 2015 

David got to come home from NM for an extended weekend for the Fourth of July. We decided to take advantage and go on an impromptu trip to Cape Cod. We had never been, so we thought, let's go for it! It was SO much fun!!! Other than the was beyond crappy! We booked it through Hotwire, which is usually pretty good, but not this time. It was super cheap, and there was a reason! was the tiniest room, smelled like chlorine, just old and gross and dated. David couldn't even stand up straight in some parts of it. lol As an added bonus, an old friend from when we lived in CO was actually at the Cape, in the same town we were at the same time!! What a crazy coincidence! We met up for breakfast and dinner one was so great to see them!  

funny Buddy
Glitter is styling
Scargo Tower - From the tower, one can see almost all of Cape Cod on the bay side, including Provincetown and the Sagamore Bridge.
lovely view
I was blue last summer ;)
my cuties

 Great seafood for late lunch at Seafood Sams...then just had awesome ice cream at Sundae good! And I loved their tagline "don't skip Sundae School!" great start to our mini vacation 

Daddy was tired so he hung out at the hotel...but we brought him a sundae...and two hats! lol
We checked out the Art Shanties in little artist loved them!
not sure why I'm pointing at
more seafood! lol...David always gets so annoyed when I ask people to take a picture...but how else will we get everyone in the pic????
cool ripples in the sand bar that was exposed at low tide...
I couldn't decide which pic I liked more
Mayflower was so beautiful! Of course, it would have been nicer if we'd remembered to pack beach chairs...oops! Poor David had to go back to the car after a while...he wasn't feeling great, and not having a chair or any shade didn't help.
OK, so this was crazy! While we were there we got to meet up with old friends from when we lived in Colorado! Like 10 years ago!!! We've only gotten to see each other a couple times since we moved. It turns out they were visiting family in the same town at the same time we were there! lol...what a cool coincidence! It was wonderful to meet up, see how the kids have grown (and the new and catch up! 
cute faces
silly faces
Jenn and I were really good friends at our mom's group in Denver
Last day...Pancake Man was delicious!
This was Shift's favorite! lol...she loves potato chips...and you got a free bag 
zat the end!
Wood's Hole Science Aquarium
That face! lol
We really liked Cape Cod, definitely want to go back...but I think next time we'd try somewhere near Wood's was so gorgeous there! We were mid Cape in Dennis Port, which was great...but when we drove down to Wood's Hole on our way home, we were wowed!

Heading home after an awesome couple of days...definitely want to go back! (although I'm certainly gonna find a better motel! That was a wonderful time was had, notwithstanding
We made it home just in time to catch the fireworks!
Tres Leches! yum...I couldn't figure out what 4J meant at first...then it dawned on me, 4th of July! lol...can't remember which kid did that.

Kids running their yearly charity lemonade stand for VBS.

David went back to NM...poor baby. He was in the middle of nowhere! It wasn't the fun part of there a fun part of NM? lol...but he was in the middle of dirt outside of Clovis,  right near the border with wasn't easy to even get there! He had to find a flight to either Amarillo or Lubbock TX and then drive to his hotel in Clovis. He was pretty miserable. He doesn't like being off by himself in a hotel for months...nobody would! He came back like the third week of July for his appointment at Sloan. Just a normal checkup/ big deal. Even when we saw the doc he said everything is fine, see you in four  months. But then the next day I get a call from David...he was delayed at the airport, trying to get back to NM...said he got a call from Sloan. They said the radiologist thought he saw something at the back of the brain, so come back in two months and we'll check it again. Can you imagine??? He's already down from having to go to podunk NM all alone, and he's stuck at the airport all day...and then get's that call. ugh! I felt so bad for him! Not to mention, he missed Glitter's birthday, and my birthday! Although he was probably ok with missing her birthday party ;) Nothing like a house full of noisy, chattering, giggling girls! Glitter decided to have an art party/sleepover. Thankfully, I limit sleepovers to 3 friends, so that meant the party was small too! Go me! I'm so smart! lol 
Waiting for her friends!
let the fun (and mess) begin!
food coloring sock bubbles!
lol...I probably should have thought about making them wear gloves! lol...sorry moms! :P
Tie Dye shirts and socks!
Pink hair!!! Aren't they just too adorable! Not sure what was going through Fluffernutter's head though ;)
we gave Buddy a pink silly
Buddy was in hog heaven with all those pretty girls!
Make your own pizza
It's like pink exploded everywhere!
presents in pjs
Glitter has such good friends! Everything was perfect! 
She doesn't like cake or frosting (weirdo!), so I got her an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen
happy girl!
seriously, so silly!
Make your own perfume kit!
Tangled...She had so much was a successful party! 
On her actual birthday
Waiting for the Minion movie to start
Sweet Frog after!
such a silly goose!

Then it was my birthday. My mom came out to visit, which was perfect! Not only did we celebrate my birthday, but then she was able to house sit and watch Freckles while we went to Michigan to visit Papa and Miss Lissy. Then she stayed for a few weeks longer after we got back.

oops, too close
birthday pics with my (not so little) babies
Mumsie's here!
I had salmon for my birthday! I love it...and David hates since he wasn't here, it seemed like a good time to enjoy it ;)
plus coconut rice and some sort of asian slaw I think
Can you tell she was happy to be here? had been a long time! Almost a year...she usually visits a few times a year...but we had a full house last year with Sparkles living with us, so she didn't want to crowd us more.
Buddy approves

August 2015

So, we had been planning of going to Michigan to visit Dad and Miss Lissy...he's working out in Grand Haven right now. There is a big Coast Guard festival every summer, so that seemed like a perfect time to go. Too bad David couldn't make it...he was still stuck in NM. For some reason I don't have any pics from the festival, but it was pretty cool. We got to tour one of their some yummy fair was great! We had a lot of fun there...I'd never been to MI, but it was lovely right on the lake! It wasn't a terrible drive either...On the way there, I made it in about 15 hours I think...coming back was I still made it in one day!

fun at the beach! It's sad, but it had better sand than the beach we usually go to in CT...hahaha
lighthouse jetty
lol...looks like it's landing on his head!
They were making Glitter a mermaid!
fun park at the beach
Fluffernutter and her Papa!
oh look, I'm purple now ;)
haha, they got these hilarious alien sunglasses at the festival...Buddy is asleep with them on!
Lissy took me for a birthday mani/pedi! so purty!
hiking to the sand dune to go to the hidden beach
these trees were so cool looking!
so many stairs! lol
break time!
well, that's not scary!
yes, those are legs
Papa and the grandbabies
Dad and Lissy took me out one night to a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Of course, I ordered salmon ;) it was delicious!!! Didn't get any pics though :/
Ready for the boat tour to start!!! Doesn't he look excited!
These were the coolest looking overgrown trees, looked like they were about to stand up and start walking!
Grand Haven has this amazing fountain that lights up in sync with music...they change it up all the was so cool!

It was a wonderful visit...we had the most relaxing time! It was certainly hard to head fun to contemplate the 14 hour drive...which of course, wound up taking 19 on the way home! The interstate was totally shut down in PA...stand still for 4 hours, then rerouted. It was awful! lol...but worth it ;)

Cherry on top of an awesome vacation.... Mmmmmmmm!!!! I just do not understand why we dont have these in CT! Best breakfast joint ever!

Boy, sitting in construction traffic for over an hour and a half to go like 10 miles (so far) when you still have 7 hours left to get home sure is fun... Said no one ever!

Nothing like coming home to an immaculate, pristine, awesomely clean house and wondering if you're in the right place! And the beautiful flower baskets were such a surprise! Thanks Mom and Dad 
smile emoticon The house is seriously a thing of beauty! Hope we can keep it that way till y'all get

My parents had totally cleaned and spruced up my was amazing! My dad had joined my mom, and they had left to go to NJ for his family they actually weren't there when we got back. But my mom came back a few days later to visit longer.

went outside and actually saw several shooting stars!!! even got the 2 older girls to come out and watch (because they are naughty and were still awake!!! *cough, Laela, cough)

David is finally home from New Mexico!!!! It's only been 2 1/2 months...NBD...'s about time! (it hasn't been that long since we saw him...they let him out of his cage to visit us every now and then...but he doesn't have to go back!) so happy!

The week after David got back, the girls headed to summer camp for the week. I've talked about Camp Kesem's a free camp for children whose parents have/had cancer. It's the most wonderful organization...I am so grateful that my kids get to go, have a blast, not have to worry about anything, and be around other kids who totally understand what they're going through.

Ready to go!
leave already Mom!!! lol

Of course Dave and Sarah's boys go we went out to dinner after we dropped them all off to celebrate Dave's birthday at Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale. Great seafood place down on the shoreline, near the camp!

Had fun celebrating David's birthday after we all dropped our kids off at Camp Kesem at Yale for the week...double celebration...hahahaha!!

David had an appointment with the pain center finally! I don't know why, but his PCP never would refer him, but after he retired the new doc sent him right over. We were hoping to get some answers.

It was an encouraging visit! We both liked the PA and Director (of the clinic) that we met with. They agreed that what David has is weird (in much more medical terms) and likely caused by his awful chemo that he had a couple years ago. They came up with a plan to try to treat, starting with Calmare...some sort of electrical stimulation that rewires the would be amazing if it worked! The only downside is that he'll have to go in for up to 10 days of an hour treatment each...but if it works, it should make a difference for months or possibly permanent! Please pray for a favorable response. But even if that doesn't help, they have specific nerve medications that should be effective. So thankful to finally see movement on dealing with this issue!

kids are home from camp! They had a blast, as usual!
First day of school pics!
Buddy started Kindergarten!!! What????
Isn't that the coolest backpack ever??? my son already got talked to by the school counselor... He said he had his gun in his backpack...SMH...didn't think to warn him that he can't talk about his favorite toys at school...oh boy! At least they didn't try to expel him... Hahaha! But his teacher said not to worry about it...she said he had a great first day, no problems!