Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 9 - Back to School

Here's today's gray!

Today was the end of my two week break. First day of Anatomy and Physiology, and I can tell it's gonna be a doozy! :/ I think if I stay on top of the material, stay prepared, I'll do alright...but it's imperative that I not fall behind! It's a ton of work, and a lot of material covered. We were supposed to read the first two chapters before class, which I didn't know until yesterday, since the new online portal only came on line then! I read the book for over an hour and only got 15 pages in...and I'm typically a fast reader. It was really interesting, but dense! The professor used this app called Kahoot, which is an interactive timed quizlet for points (but doesn't count towards grade...more for fun and to see where you're at)...anyways he does the same quiz at the beginning of class before lecture, and then again at the end of class. So the first quiz I got first place!!! Yeah, I was so stoked! Then the second time around I got 5th, even though I got all the questions right, I didn't answer them as quickly as some of the other students (I blame my internet connection! :)) I did well because of those 15 pages I was able to read! For the chapter 2 quizlet, I got 2nd! It's definitely firing up the competitive part of me! hahahahaha...I am gonna be so ready next time!

Coming home from a dr appt with Shift, we passed the Aetna building, and they had their Gray in May sign back up!!! Last week it wasn't up, so I didn't think they were gonna hang it.


So Todd brought us dinner tonight...it was SO good! Italian grinders - chicken cutlets, homemade tomato sauce, fried peppers, provolone...delish!!! And tons of leftovers! It was so nice not to have to worry about cooking dinner after school and a dr appt! And he even made David some steaks (dadgum Atkins!)...although he was looking longingly at our sandwiches...hahahaha! Thanks dude! :)

I couldn't wait to dig in
Glitter's faces are the best!
The pooch comes and rests her head on your leg when she wants attention...it's kinda funny.