Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 31 - Gray May

We did it guys! A whole month of gray...y'all better believe tomorrow I am wearing the brightest most colorful outfit I can find! hahahaha...hey...the weather has been gray and yucky pretty much all month...there's only so much gray you can take! lol

Here it is...the last gray! Finally wore my Go Gray in May shirt ;)

We're ending with a a guest post for our last day. My mom sent me a pic of her gray...thanks Mom!

The kids were supposed to have field day today, but they cancelled because of the drizzly, dreary weather. Sprinkled on and off all's rescheduled for tomorrow. Of course, now I can't go, because I have lab...oh well.

It worked out though, because today is Sarah's birthday!!! Hooray! She and Kim and I went for a quick walk (soaked my shoes...but hey, at least we got a couple laps in!)...then headed to Cosmic Omelet for birthday breakfast. It was Kim's birthday a couple weeks ago we always try to celebrate together for both of them! I should have gotten a pic of the three of us...but we were all still in our grubby workout these are the best girlies I could wish for in my life! 💖💖💖 Happy Birthday chicas!

It's such a cool, little breakfast joint...they have homages to all different sci fi'll find Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and more all represented on the walls. I always have a hard time choosing what to eat. They have these divine cinnamon roll pancakes that are my favorite...but the biscuits and gravy are always good...and they were calling my name this morning! I was proud of myself...I left a few bites on my plate...haha...I usually polish the whole thing off! Baby steps!

I totally vegged out the rest of the day. Brought David home an omelet of course...too bad he can't eat the loaded hashbrowns...those are his favorite. I watched an episode of Flash. Contemplated reading my lab chapter for tomorrow...but naw...I'll do it before class, I have a couple hours in the morning. Totally took the day off. I did check Blackboard (online program for school) for any announcements. Found one from the professor...

Guys the raw score for lecture test 1 was a 71.7.
I don't remember what I promised for me to buy pizza.   I believe it was a 70?  
So at the next pay period; following that I'm going to get 3 party pizza's sent up to the room.
I totally forgot that he had said he would buy pizza for the class if our average before bonuses was made it! So pizza is happening soon!