Saturday, May 13, 2017

Day 13 - Relaxed Rainy Day

Here's my gray today...keeping it casual and comfy on this rainy, dreary day.

Took it fairly easy today. Slept in this morning, which was awesome! lol...Kids did a decent job cleaning up the downstairs, so that made me happy. The bathrooms and bedrooms are a different story...but I try not to think about that. :) I ran to my school to print off the handouts for my A&P of the girls in my class told me it was free to print in the library. I'm so glad for the tip, because this is how much I printed! It's like a whole nother book! But I'm hoping it's gonna make studying so much easier. It's the PowerPoint slides that the professor lectures off of, and if you print it the way they require, 3 to a page, there's also space for notes. So I can take extra notes as he's teaching, and highlight important's gonna be better than trying to write all that material myself. Now I just gotta hole punch them

Most of these pages have 3 slides on each side of the paper, so 6 total...and it's still a huge amount of print offs! I can't even imagine how many pages it would be if I just did one slide per side!

After I got back, I brought Shift to the mall to hang with some friends. Then I figured, might as well shop a bit myself since I was already there...only makes sense, right? ;)

My favorite pants! I wear these Darth joggers pretty much every day! lol

Tried on a bunch of cute flowery dresses...left with a bunch of cute flower crowns...I'm totally obsessed with those! I have so many, and I still can't resist them!'s a problem. Then headed to the grocery store for milk and my own Mother's Day flowers. Kidding...kinda... but I do usually buy my own flowers every few makes me happy to have them around, and it's way cheaper than if David ordered them!

Shift texted me to see if I could pick her and her friend up from the mall...and then somehow they wound up having a sleepover. Not quite sure how that happened. Shift suggested it, then her friend said, but it's Mother's Day and she was going home...and I agreed, yeah, tomorrow is Mother's Day...and then all of sudden they both came to our house and are now ensconced happened??? lol...whatever, I'll kick her out in the morning...hahahaha