Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 7 - Chilling

It was a little cooler today than the last couple days, but I have this cute sweatshirt type dress that was perfect for the weather and church ;) 

Didn't do a lot today...totally ran late for church this morning. David wasn't feeling up to it, and I almost left Fluffernutter home too! Could not get that kid up! She finally dragged herself off the couch and got dressed...we were only like 10 minutes late. grrrrr! Stopped by Sally's afterward to pick up some hair dye. I changed my mind what color I wanted to do, so I needed to grab a different blue. Then I wound up having to run back to grab bleach...didn't realize I was about out. That was my afternoon...bleaching my roots and then coloring. I was going for a lighter silvery blue, but it came out brighter than I was expecting. Whatever, it's still cool! ;) And it'll fade. It's still wet, so I don't have a pic...but I'm sure you'll be able to see it tomorrow.

Then tonight we went over Todd's for some dessert and coffee...except poor David had to watch us eat dessert in front of him! hahahaha....he's on Atkins right now, so no sweets for him! lol...but he enjoyed his coffee, so that's good. The older two were conked out and I could not wake them up, so they stayed home...but the younger ones had fun playing with Todd's kiddos...and that was about it for my day. I really didn't do much...which I guess is good. Helps to have a relaxing day once in a while!

Wow, we're already caught up on 2016. Let's see what happened in January. I can't remember, but that's what Facebook and Google Photos is for! haha

New Years meant black-eyed peas, cabbage and rice of course! That's the traditional southern new years meal. And you put a dime in the peas, and whoever gets the dime will be prosperous or lucky or something like David got the dime this year! :)

I finished off the evening with a boozy bourbon chocolate milkshake and Sherlock! It was SO good!

I finally conquered a task that's needed to be done for literally years! Our garbage disposal broke years ago. I'm not kidding, the replacement disposal has been sitting in my dining room for like 2 years! It was to the point that we couldn't use half the outlets in the kitchen because it would trip the GFI (I think that's what it know, the outlet with the reset and then I'd have to reset it all the time. I refused to try for forever, I have an electricity phobia. I'm seriously terrified of getting shocked. It's so weird. It never used to bother me, I didn't even realize I had gotten scared of it until one time I was helping David replace the car window lift motor in our old van, and I thought I got shocked (I actually burned my finger) and had like a panic attack for the first time. It was crazy. I think I got scared of it because David worked in the electrical field, would even get shocked pretty regularly...and I guess I was scared of him getting now I hate it! I can't even lick the 9V batteries to see if they're still good. Like seriously, get a grip! lol...funny how our minds work. Anyway, David had never gotten around to it...and now he can't really do that sort of thing...but I was so tired of not being able to use half my sink and finally just put on my big girl pants! I was super proud of myself! If only I'd worked up the courage sooner! I wouldn't have such a yucky cabinet!

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January 5Manchester
Well, we finally (after what, like 3 years?!? maybe more! We've only had the replacement sitting in the dining room for a couple years... Lol) changed out the garbage disposal... And when I say we, I mean me! I've been pretty hesitant to try, because I'm scared of working on anything with electricity, that's usually David's job...but he was there for moral support and telling me what to do next. But once we got the old one off, which let me tell you, was a Pain! And disgusting! he was done, off to bed ...didn't feel good...but I could tell it wouldn't be too bad, it was way simpler than I was expecting! So I let it all dry, then wired it up, screwed it on... Then, setback... Had to saw off part of the connecting pipe, too long... Luckily found a saw in the garage, then hooked it all up. Ran water through it for a few min.... No leaks! Moment of truth, switch the power back on, try it out...purred like a kitten! Woo-hoo! Now to figure out how to fix the bottom of the cabinet, which is all rotted and gross! Still a little worried, so I left a pan under it so I can check for leaks tomorrow, but I think I fixed it!

My good mood didn't last long...the next day we had a snowstorm, school was not delayed, and I wrecked my beautiful car! Ugh...I was so upset! I was one block from home! Thankfully, none of the kids were in the car and I was totally fine. I just hit an icy patch (going like 15-20 mph...argh! I hate driving in bad weather!) and coasted into a snow plow that was parked on the side of the road...not thirty minutes later, a school bus (empty, thank the Lord) knocked a pole down right at the same spot! It wasn't just me!!! lol...thankfully I didn't even get a warning, the cop was super nice! Same couldn't be said for my checkbook...even though it was just cosmetic damage...our copay is $1000! ouch!

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January 6Manchester
Arggghhhh! Once again, thanks to Manchester not delaying school, I wrecked my car! Ugh, so mad! I hate driving in this weather, and I always go slow.... But that didn't matter.... Hit an ice patch and slid right into a pulled over salt truck.😕 lol... If he hadn't been there I would have been able to just steer through it... Oh well... At least it's just cosmetic damage, still driveable. I was SO close to home too! Boooooooo!!! And now, Pitkin is closed off, firetruck, police cars and a school bus, right where I crashed! Probably the same icy spot! Waaahhhh, my pretty baby!

I really love my car, so this was super sad! lol
Glitter made cinnamon rolls all by herself! and they came out awesome!

We went to NY for an MRI...and the brakes were terrible. Like, so bad, I can't believe we even made it home...they were awful! So the next day I changed the front brake pads...all by myself! Well, David supervised the first tire...but then he got cold and went inside! haha

I'm on a roll! changed out the front brake pads this afternoon...only casualty, my favorite glasses oh well, hopefully I can superglue them, for the third time! Lol... We knew the tires were pretty bald, but they are literally threadbare, so new tires are on the agenda for tomorrow. But, no more horrible grinding and squeaking... And even better, the car stops!😂😂Woo-hoo! Yes, David supervised the first one, but the second one was all me!

gray pics from MRIs on 2 different days...

Waiting for the doc... Before we wait for chemo... And it's already been a long day... Traffic was great in CT, but as soon as we hit NY... Ugh! But, we both went gray!

So I forgot to post the update from the dr...he's happy with David's scans, everything is stable. So praise God for that! Turns out they miscounted how many rounds of chemo he's had (give you the warm fuzzies there! lol)...I had actually mentioned a few months ago that I didn't think he'd had as many as they said. So Tues was actually his 10th round, not 12...because he's tolerating it so well and his blood counts are good, they will finish out the full 12 rounds. So 2 more left. All in all, good visit. Thanks for all your prayers! <3 span="">

I couldn't believe they had miscounted...well, I mean, I had thought they were wrong and tried to tell them...but come on! You're supposed to be the big experts!!! Seriously!

Fluffernutter had gotten tickets to see twenty øne piløts in concert back in September, and it was finally time to redeem them! The concert was down in Bridgeport, about an hour from us. We left a couple hours early so we could eat...but didn't count on a wreck...we still got there early, but not enough time to eat out. So we grabbed some nachos to tide us over ;) Our tickets were on the floor, so we wanted to try to get a good spot. We wound up not trying to get to the front stage, instead we headed straight for the mini stage B, and were able to get right up on the barrier. So when they performed on that stage for part of their set, we were literally like 10 feet from them! It was AWESOME! I know I've raved about the band and the concert last I won't freak out too much in this post...but they were still fantastic and I can't wait to see them whenever they come through again!

Waiting for it to begin!
Tyler's magic trick where he appears in the audience, was right parallel to where we were!
Look how close we were to stage was so AWESOME!
Awww, look at that happy face!
The giant hamster of them runs on top of the crowd!
The end!

It was such a great night! even if by the time the concert was over and we got out of the parking lot, Chipotle was closed! :( lol...we had to settle for McDonalds. And then we had to drive the hour home around 1am...and had school the next morning. Totally worth it!!!

So I've been contemplating going back to school for a while...I haven't worked in years, and I need to be able to support my family at some point. I figured nursing would be a good's always needed and it's a good living. With David's health, it was definitely time to get a move on. I went to an informational meeting at a local college with a good nursing program, and wound up applying, etc right then. (they are a well oiled Anyways, everything really fell into place quickly, and I wound up starting classes a couple weeks later. (I missed the first class, but it worked out). I took Chemistry and a Computer Applications class (since it's been more than 10 years...needed to take it again). I was so nervous y'all! I haven't been in school in almost 20 years!!! 17 to be precise. That's a long time! Thankfully this school is geared toward older students with outside lives...they have super flexible schedules, on site and online classes, plus 3 full semesters a year, so you can finish faster.

Starting something new... First day of classes! Yes, I'm back to school... Getting started on prerequisites so I can apply to nursing school! Y'all pray for me! It's been a LONG time since I was in a classroom! Lol... Little intimidating, but hopefully will be positive!

I just have to post this meal I was SO good! Salmon meatballs with avocado cream sauce, cilantro lime rice, and sauteed shaved brussel sprouts. Everyone loved it...except David, he hates salmon...weirdo! lol

David and I got out for a date night to watch M. Night Shyamalan's new movie, Split. It was so good!!! It was definitely better than a lot of his more recent movies. It was so freaky and cool! James McAvoy is amazing! If he wasn't such a good actor the whole movie would have fallen apart, but he carried it off! Then we went out to Texas Roadhouse after...yummy!!!

My chicken fried steak was huge! 

Alrighty, that wraps up was more eventful than I