Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 24 - Yogalattes!

Y'all, it has been a long time since I actually did Pilates regularly! At the gym today, we tried out the yogalattes class, mix of yoga and pilates...and it kicked my butt! hahaha...didn't help that we'd already worked out pretty good before the hour long class. Now we know for next time...just that class is work out enough! lol

Spent the rest of the day studying for my lab practical tomorrow...ugh! :/ The lab practical for my chemistry class was super easy...there was only the year end one, and it was all stuff we'd done before. So we just had to demonstrate that we could do it by ourselves and that we comprehended the steps. Easy peasy. This is just one of many...and it involves microscopes, and identification, and labeling...and I'm just hoping I can remember everything! argh!

When I grabbed the kids from school, Glitter was complaining that her chest was hurting, worse...she's had cold/allergies...complained about her chest, but it was getting worse. I figured I better make sure it wasn't an infection or anything. So I took her in to the extended hours clinic...I didn't want to have to go in the morning and be freaking out about studying, etc...turns out she's fine. Just congested and the coughing probably strained something...but lungs are clear! Yay!

Shift had her spring chorus concert tonight. The teacher actually kept it almost at an hour! He went over a little, but not too bad...much appreciated! :)

Waiting for the torture, I mean concert, to begin! lol 
she's right in the middle front!
my pretty girl!

They have lovely dresses to wear, way better than the horrible dress I had to wear for chorus when I was in college! lol... Of course, chorus hasn't changed...they always pick weird and boring songs. But it was short and sweet, and they sounded great! I really like the handbell choir too...looks super fun to do too!