Sunday, May 14, 2017

Day 14 - Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome, amazing, wonderful moms out there! Yes, you, I'm talking to you. Even when we've had the worst day, yelled at our kids, cried in the bathroom, didn't cook dinner and fed them pop tarts...we are still the perfect mom for our kids! Don't ever let go of that! We were chosen to be those kids' mom! And it's so worth it! All the heartache, uncertainty and hard times can't even measure up to the love and joy they bring us! Keep up all the good, no, great work mamas!

But can't lie, we've all had days like this!
and this!!! hahahaha 
But this, this is what it's all about!!! 💘💘💘

I had a wonderful Mother's Day today. We all went to church...even if we were a little late...cough, David, cough. ;) Then we went to the Vernon Diner...I was super in the mood for some good challah french toast! The wait wasn't 20-30 min. Not bad for Mother's Day.

I just love Buddy's hoodie! lol...he was starting to get antsy!
he even had gray on today!

David started feeling bad from standing too long, but then we got a table. He got the surf and turf special with filet mignon, stuffed shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, and scallops. You better believe I stole a bunch! he got french onion soup, which I've never really cared for...this was divine! Seriously, it was SO good! I got the french toast I'd been craving...all the kids loved their food too. It was a good choice...yay me! ;)

The plan was to go to the movies, but David needed to go home...that was enough excitement for one So we dropped him home, then headed to the theater. I still hadn't taken my big Marvel fan, Fluffernutter, to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy, so that was the obvious choice. Shift had gone with a friend, but who wouldn't want to see if again??? They loved it...especially Fluffernutter of course! She and I were totally geeking out of the Thor trailer too...haha, we were squeeing with glee! It's so fun seeing how much they all got into it...even Buddy was mostly in his seat. He's still at the age where he has a hard time staying still for the whole movie...but he liked it too! I still laughed my head off at points, and bawled like a baby at was still awesome!

Sadly, they had already taken the GOTG photo op down, so we had to settle for the Transformers

When we got home, I said before you scatter, I need pictures!!! lol...

silly boy pretending to be sad...such a goober
I love this dress! and some random lady at the movie theater complimented me on it, which made me feel awesome! :)
And my eye makeup was on point today! oh yeah!'s the little things!
Look at the sweet things Buddy made me at school! It's so cute! Made my heart happy! 
So, I do have to go through this one'm almost 37, so that was pretty good. I do not have blue eyes, but the hair is accurate. I am trying to become a nurse, so that's pretty good. I do love mushrooms, I think he remembered that because he hates mushrooms...hahaha. I would have to go with iced tea for my favorite drink. I love that he remembers that I tell him that God loves him! 💚💚 He did an awesome job on this! 

I am so thankful everyday for the beautiful, precious kids God blessed us with. I love each of them so much. They are all so different and unique and special in their own special way. I am incredibly proud to be their mom!!!