Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 3 - I love spring!

Today was a glorious day. The sun was shining brightly, the trees were blooming, the grass was green. It was a perfect spring day! The only thing that could have been better would be about 10 degrees

Kim and Sarah and I went walking around the reservoir this morning after the kids were in school. I actually walked Buddy to school this morning! Finally we were ready early enough and it was so nice I just had to!

The white flowers bloom on a bush and smell divine! But they only last a few days
This is the first time I've actually seen a cat in a
Wearing the flower Buddy picked for me...and my Go Gray in May shirt

David's been wanting to get a new phone, so we went out for expensive! But he's happy, so I guess it's worth it...😝 he's been using his old beat up, cracked, can't believe it still works, work phone. I'm surprised they never turned the service to it off! haha

Since I had to get dressed for the public, you get a bonus gray today! and some more pretty trees. I had to keep looking at the sweater at first, is this gray or is this oatmeal...but it's definitely gray! lol

Aren't these shoes too cute! My girls don't like pointy shoes, but I like them sometimes ;)

Dacia accidentally wore gray again, so then she had to send it to me...hahaha...thanks!!!

Let's go over October real quick...or maybe not quickly, but we're gonna talk about it anyway...

Oh, this is adorable! Buddy refused to show me his breakdancing for like a month after he came home from camp! Remember, all the counselors were raving about his breakdancing skills when he decided to perform in the talent show! Except he wouldn't do it for us! Finally he's hilarious and totally cute!

It's hilarious how long he waits to start dancing...then finally, bam! 
Beautiful fall trees 
One of the birthday presents we got our friend Todd, who is a huge geek like me...chibi Deadpool is too cute! 
Shift going to her first high school homecoming dance!!!

We went to NYC again for treatment...his chemo was monthly. This is my FB post from that day...
Waiting... Oh so very long (been here since 130...saw the doc)...glad I came prepared, but think even my 6 magazines might not be enough! Because when they finally do call us back for chemo, it'll be another hour and a half! On a side note, aren't those gray ribbon earrings great?!?

October means one of my favorite events of the year! The Renaissance Festival! Yeah, it might be cheesy, but I totally love it!!! We took Clever Bell with us, and David even decided to go! He usually skips it. He did alright...hung out in the food tent for a while before heading to the car. Too much walking! and he wasn't feeling great.

None of that dressing up nonsense for
The dog was carrying a fake
These costumes were creepy cool!
Juggler, tight rope walker, scarf cool
Always love checking out all the vendors! There are some really cool handcrafted items!
Deadpool chainmail is awesome!
Blacksmith is so cool to watch!
They were worn out!

Instead of Halloween at school, they have dress like a book character day. Glitter was so cute! She dressed up like Tyler Joseph from twenty øne piløts and made her own book about them!

and Buddy was Sir Lancelot...can you tell he liked his ren faire costume?

And then Halloween...

I'm the T.A.R.D.I.S....duh! lol
Fluffernutter went as Harley Quinn
Shift was Castiel from Supernatural

Boom! October is done!

Remember, send me your pics wearing gray if you want to be featured!!!