Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 1 - Going Gray in May

Yup! It is that time of year...again! How is that so??? I don't have any glamour shots for today...I've been in my sweats and hoodie all day...but it's perfect to kick off Go Gray in May! It's my F Cancer hoodie from Stephen Amell's fundraiser, and of course I got it in gray! I now have three variations of this particular design, along with at least 3 more in other designs...yes, I'm obsessed! 😍 

My lawn desperately needed mowed, so that was my accomplishment for the day. Oh, and I finally reprogrammed the number pad to access my garage door. We lost the post-it the last homeowner gave us (7 years ago!) and had no idea what the code was! that's a win 😉

See, it was a jungle!

My sweet friend Dacia stopped by to drop her boys off for a play date...and she had gray on! So, we already have our first guest post! Yeah!!!

It's always fun having her little guys over...the two of them and Buddy run around like crazy monkeys, until I finally let them play a video game. They can't stand it! They keep asking me, is it 4:30 yet? haha

Lego Movie Game FTW!

I'll start catching y'all up on everything that's been going on in our lives tomorrow. For today, remember everyone who is going through battles big and small, and say a prayer for all our Gray Warriors! 💗💖💗