Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 23 - Field Trip, Food, and Fashion?

I crashed early last night...finally woke up not tired for once! lol...these early mornings are killing me! lol...Got all the kiddos to school. Glitter had a big field trip to the beach for STEM. So no swimming...but lots of wading, critter catch and release...except for one crab that mysteriously made it on the bus...hmmm... lol...someone was naughty! She had a great time! Most of her field trips have been on my school days, so I haven't been able to chaperone :/ They do some fun ones in 5th grade! 

Took David to see his pain doctor before class. He has to be seen every couple of months to get his prescription renewed. They have tried several things...but so far, only pain meds make a difference. Sucks, but what can ya do...

My hair is so turquoise now! not blue anymore...that one dip in that chlorine just zapped it! lol...Good thing turquoise is my favorite! Although, I really did want a light, silvery blue...oh well...it was too bright anyways.

Had my class today...talked about DNA replication, mitosis, genes, chromosomes...etc. Our first lab practical is on Thursday (so not ready!) and our lecture exam is next week. Ugh...I think I'll do decent on the lecture test...but the lab practical is freaking me out. Lots of memorization and here, look in a microscope and determine what stage of mitosis this cell is in! Yikes! So much studying! Deep breath!

Anyone else relate? I like to cook...but every day??? lol

Don't worry...I totally fed them. It wasn't my night off! haha...yes, I literally have a night, Wednesday to be precise, that I don't cook and they have to fend for themselves. lol...Wednesdays have been a tough night lately...so that's the night I say, nope, not happening...find some leftovers, make a sandwich, have some cereal...whatever, I ain't making anything! I also do not pack their lunches. They are all responsible for making sure to pack food. What's funny is the younger two are WAY better than the older two!!! Buddy makes himself a sandwich everyday...probably more honey than peanut butter...but hey, he's self sufficient! Well, except for the bread left open, peanut butter jar cap off, honey drizzled on the counter (because he never uses a plate!) and knife covered in peanut butter left on the counter. But dagnabit, that sandwich is made and packed and I didn't do it! hahaha! Fluffernutter usually puts dry cereal in a ziploc, and then gets a milk off the free table at school! lol...Shift, well, Shift just gave me $40 of her babysitting money to pay off the debt she racked up at the cafeteria! Grrrr!!! lol...y'all are thinking I'm so mean right now! making her pay for her lunch! But, the thing is, she knows the rule...she knows the expectation, she needs to bring her lunch. It's her responsibility to make it...the problem is she's super picky. For a foodie, she is crazy picky! lol...but guess what...since she paid me, that kid has been packing her lunch religiously! What's even funnier...I was mad at her for the bill, but I didn't tell her she needed to pay me, she offered...like I said, she knew better!

Kids were playing a "guess the sea creature" game with clues at dinner...it was really cute!

I finally switched out my toilet seat for the downstairs bathroom. I only had the replacement for oh, like 3 months! lol...it took like 10 min...procrastination for the win! :/ It's so much better! It's one of those close by itself without slamming...and you can push a button and release it and take it off to clean. Y'all should count yourselves lucky you didn't have to see what I saw when I took the old one off! Blech! Now, the trick is to get Glitter and Buddy to actually use that feature! lol...they clean the downstairs bathroom...of course Glitter totally pawns off the gross part to Buddy...but I'm like, you are responsible to make sure it actually gets done right! lol...we're getting there! It's much sturdier than the old one...these are those toilets I installed a couple years ago. They got good reviews, except for the seat...super flimsy and wobbly. So I knew I'd change them out...finally did the guest bathroom! The girls can handle the crappy seat in their bathroom...haha...I'm so punny! Totally didn't mean to! lol

If that wasn't enough to gross you out for the day, I'll leave you with this goody! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! But seriously, what the heck is going on?!?!?!?

brain bleach anyone??? 
These are called "RompHims" are you serious right now???