Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 20 - Yay for Weekends!

Goodness, I love the weekends! We're at that point in the school year where we've just given up! There are so many funny memes and parodies and blog posts of fellow burnt out parents...there's this one by Jen Hatmaker that is just perfect. Oh my word, BuzzFeed has a hilarious parents at the beginning of the year versus the end of the hysterical...and spot on! Even the Holderness family is getting on that bandwagon! Their new parody video was hilarious! And yes, some of my kids have been bringing cereal in a bag for their lunch. Hey, I ain't packing it...if that's what they pick, well, at least they're eating, right?


Y'all, I ain't joking here. Buddy has some project where he's supposed to send in pictures for an autobiography, and I'm like, pictures? Who has pictures printed out anymore??? Can I just email them? So I've just been avoiding it, and he'll probably miss out on the whole thing. Ugh...seriously...why are all the projects at the end of the year! We're all just phoning it in by now, right? Or is it just me who can't face it anymore? sigh...anywho...moving on. Oh wait, Glitter was reading this over my shoulder and literally just told me she needs a baby picture sent in too. ugh.

This morning I blissfully slept was awesome! I'm so not a morning person, so any chance I can snooze is heavenly. I finally got up and moving. Saturday is usually pancake morning...but I needed to bring Glitter to a youth group event...they were having an all afternoon fun day. So it wound up being more of a lunch than breakfast...but Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Pancakes are so yummy! Poor David had to stick with just the bacon...although he totally snuck a blackberry. :) 

Buddy had a playdate at one of his friend's house. And Shift left to go over her friend's house was just Fluffernutter in the house...and she's always disappearing. The house was nice and quiet...David napped all afternoon. Perfect opportunity for me to work on my lab report. I actually got my first draft all done! It looks pretty good, if I do say so I just gotta fine tune it and make sure I get all the rubric points lined up! I wanted to get it out of the way, because next lab is a practical exam, and I really need to study for that! 

I picked up Buddy and had a nice chat and coffee with my friend Jessica (shoutout! haha) least until I had to dash and pick up Glitter! Oops...I totally didn't realize the time...we'll have to get together again soon! ;) (she reads my

I actually made dinner too! lol...I usually only COOK one meal a day...and since I make breakfast on Saturdays, I usually don't do supper too. But I had a roast I needed to cook, and it was already marinated. I just popped it in...and then made some mini Yorkshire puddings and frozen broccoli...fancy without the type of meal ;) 

Finally had movie night with the kids...Fridays are supposed to be movie night...but we've missed it the last few weeks. Last night Buddy fell asleep before we could watch the movie...he actually fell asleep tonight too, but we woke him up. He's been looking forward to movie night, so couldn't let him miss again. We watched was pretty cute. Except our stupid wifi kept cutting in and out. We've been having the worst problem with our'll be really slow, or cut in and out... I don't know what's wrong with it! We pay enough to not have to deal with that all the time...seriously! I know, first world problems...but ugh!

Oh yeah, I did wear gray...I did not get good pics well...I'm not doing this for my vanity ;)

This was while I was working on my paper...and took a minute to goof I need to invest in the anti-glare lenses for my glasses next time! haha