Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 28 - Birthday Celebration

My gray for the day ;)

Even though tomorrow is David's birthday, we celebrated today because Dad and Lissy have to leave in the morning. We met up with everyone at church, which btw, was totally great this morning! Then Aunt Tish and and her David got back on the road to drive back to VA! I couldn't believe they made that trip just to spend the day with us...but it meant a lot!!! It was so great to see them again! 

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up grill fixings...steak, burgers, and brats! Plus some fresh corn to roast. The porterhouses were on sale for 5.99/lb!!! Such a good I grabbed a couple of them, but of course I had to get David his ribeye, so I got a couple of them too. Once we got home I made the pineapple upside down cake...David's favorite, but Dad likes it too. Thought it was a good choice for their birthday celebration. It was Dad's birthday a couple weeks ago, so of course we had to celebrate both of them! Got the grill going and started cooking. Man, that grill is NICE! I am so gonna be getting some good use out of that thing! hahaha...David will be able to eat the fruit of my labor...but I think I'm gonna be the one using it. ;) Although, he did save the steaks when I ran inside to get the cake out of the oven. So he's used it too! The kids were all playing badminton while we were cooking. It was a feast! so of course I forgot to take any pics :/ The porterhouses were thinner, so they got a bit overdone, for my taste anyways...I'm of the school of thought, redder is better! lol...But David got full pretty quick, so he shared his lovely rare ribeye with me! Thanks babe! The corn came out really well too! And the kids liked their bacon cheddar burgers. Overall, that grill is a hit!

It's gorgeous! Plus, they got a cover for it, which is really helpful!

We rested and hung out for a bit before cake and ice cream. Gave Papa his present...a Fitbit! Thankfully he didn't have one already...hahaha. 

silly boy!

Then David decided he was hungry again! Must be cake-time ;)

Happy Birthday to y'all (the kids cute!)
Happy Birthday to y'all...happy birthday dear "Papa" "Daddy" cacophony of names overlaid in different 
Happy Birthday to y'all!

The cake came out really good! I refuse to make any other recipe...a lot of pineapple upside down cakes are dry and gross...but this one is so good! Plus the carmelized butter and sugar makes it over the top good! It's just about gone! lol

After that we watched the kids play video games and just hung out for a bit. Finally got to be that time...and off they went. The kids were fine until after they left...then got a bit glum, especially Buddy. He was pretty sweet boy!

Y'all, I was so impressed with David this weekend! He must have been feeling really well, or else was just determined, but he stayed downstairs basically the whole time! Even sat outside, which is way outside his comfort! That is just about miraculous. He went to church...made it through the whole service. Again, not a common occurrence...although lately he has been making it more. He felt a bit sick last night at the restaurant, but it cleared up. I was really proud of him for making the effort. He was pretty good in the whole speech department too...sometimes his word finding still gets in the way...or he goes off on really weird tangents...but he did so great this weekend. I was so relieved he was feeling well for his family visit!

The only downside of this weekend was the fact that I didn't study at all. And I have a test on Tuesday. So tomorrow will be cram, cram, cram. Other than the 50% off sale at Savers of course! Duh!!!!! I can't miss that! hahahahaha