Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 10 - Coffee Party!

This morning a bunch of us old MOPS moms got together for coffee and snacks. We sporadically meet up at someone's house to refresh ourselves with friends, fun, laughter, and a few tears. This life ain't easy, but friends are a wonderful blessing that I thank God for everyday! Seriously, I would be a mess without them, and these awesome ladies have been lifesavers for me and mine! 💙💙💙 I was too busy having fun to take pics, so y'all will just have to trust me on this! ;)

I just had to show you the whole look...I felt super cute today :P

Afterwards, Sarah and I headed over to Home Goods for some retail therapy...haha! I made a good find! I'd been wanting to get Freckles a nice dog bed for the living room, so she has somewhere comfy and warm to lay, without getting tempted by the couches! At least, that's the hope! I haven't caught her red handed...but I have found the couch suspiciously warm! grrrrrrrr!!!! I've been super vigilant about locking her up when no one is downstairs...I seriously do not want a repeat of the last couch! She tore the cushions and ate the foam stuffing...left a huge hole! It was horrible. Anyways, I found a cute bed that I won't mind having out in the living room for a good price! Score! It's so funny though...I kept trying to get her to lay on it...and she was too excited that I was paying attention to I kept trying, making her lay down...and she's literally trembling, like she thought she was being naughty! lol...hopefully she figures out that it's hers and she actually is allowed to lay on it, unlike the blankets that I yell at her

We have a guest post today! Yay!!! Todd sent me a pic of his gray today! Thanks man, love it!

We're already up to March! Only one more month and we'll be all caught up! Yeah! March means Buddy's birthday! He turned seven!!!! Which is obviously impossible...he's my baby!

Birthday boy doesn't want his day to end! 💙💙💙💙💙💙my baby is 7! Bittersweet for sure! 😍 

It was his year for a birthday party, so he decided to invite some of his best buds to go to Dave and Busters to play games and eat lunch. I was happy, less work for me. I just loaded up some cards, and set them loose on the arcade. Once they ran out of money we ate lunch, had some dessert, and opened presents. They were so cute! It was funny, watching him with his friends, they weren't little kids anymore...they were almost like tweens! Seemed so grown up!

Buddy had his birthday party yesterday with a few of his friends...they had a blast playing games and eating lunch! They were so cute, I loved watching them! They looked like such big boys! 💙plus, it was super low key, so easy for me 😉

This 4 sided air hockey was my favorite...I loved watching them play and interact...they seemed so much older watching them!
and this pose was hilarious! little dudes
He had a great time!

That was on Saturday, his actual birthday was the next day.
Buddy boyo turned 7 today! Happy birthday Buddy! He picked spaghetti and meatballs, cheesy broccoli, and garlic bread for his birthday meal... And Italian cream cake trifle for his cake! Super yummy! 

What a ham!
Happy Birthday to me!
such a goober!
I couldn't believe he picked Italian Cream Cake, as opposed to chocolate...and then a trifle! It was so funny! But he liked it, and it was less work for need to make it all look perfect!
He came home from school with a birthday crown ;)

I love this little guy! He was so genuinely happy with his party and presents...he's got such a sweet heart...very kind and caring and loving and thankful...while still all boy...stinker, annoying, obnoxious. It's a funny combo, but he makes my heart happy!

We had a huge snowstorm on Tues, so David's appointment was rescheduled to Thursday (which made me miss my class! grrrr)

Here for our rescheduled appointment...met David's new doc (his old one moved)...she seems nice. Now waiting on his last round of this chemo. Trying to work on my chemistry homework (for the class that I'm missing today 😒😕) but David keeps wanting to talk...

Laela said "ooh mommy you look nice" ... Then suspiciously, "where are you going?" guess my roll out of bed aesthetic of the last week hasn't gone unnoticed

Apparently I'd been slumming it a bit too much ;)

Mary Catherine Woolley was feeling amused.
March 20
Buddy is home sick today...fighting a stomach bug. I got him some popsicles and ginger ale. He said "time for alcohol!" hahaha...nope, sorry bud, ginger ale is just soda
Aaannnnddddd kid number 3 bites the dust! Stomach bug is sweeping through my house 😔😕 haha, too late to cancel that flight Mumsie!

My poor mom was flying in a few days later, and all but one of the kids were sick as dogs! Thankfully it was a fairly quick bug...and none of the grownups caught it!!! whew!

Mumsie made it here just in time for our anniversary...17 years!

Mary Catherine Woolley added 7 new photos — celebrating our anniversary with David Woolley at Max's Oyster Bar.
March 25West Hartford
Happy anniversary babe! 17 years...for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. We've had more than our share of all of those, but I would do it all over again!
I'd been totally craving scallops! They were so good! 
Then we went to see Kong - Skull Island! It was actually better than I was, I knew it would be fun, but it was really good for a popcorn flick!
I loved this cute top!
Fluffernutter made a cake...but Buddy photobombed

Mom and I continued our tradition of getting out of the house, just the two of us, for a nice dinner. We went to Maggie McFly's again (we went last year for my birthday). I'm trying to remember what I got...she got salmon. I think mine was lobster, bacon, corn fresh was SO good! I only wish they gave you a couple more raviolis...that's the only problem with ordering ravioli at a restaurant, it's never quite enough.

They always have good drinks, good food, what more can you ask for???

And that's March in the bag. ;)