Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 16 - She is Priceless

Here's today's gray...I was trying to show off my cute flower hairband...haha...you get the idea. ;)

Today, May 16 is the "She Is Priceless" Global Giving Day. I'm an avid follower of Ann Voskamp on Facebook. She is such a beautiful, poetic writer. Her latest book, The Broken Way, was heart changing for me! She has a way of articulating all these thoughts and feelings that I could never quite put into words. I highly recommend her! I am pretty much always moved and provoked to deeper understanding whenever I read her! It's so funny, I'm not the greatest at expressing myself, or being a deep, creative thinker, philosophical, theoretical...I'm more black and white, facts, etc...and yet, I read her beautiful, almost poetic style and it just speaks to me! Anyways, yesterday, she shared a guest post from her blog regarding the "She Is Priceless" campaign. Well, let me tell you what, I was completely moved...tears down my face. I needed to participate. I am adding the link to the post, because y'all have got to read it! It is so raw and beautiful and heartbreaking. Seriously, right now, go read it! Please.

 For Crying Out Loud: Who is Ready to Really Stand up for the Value of a Woman? #SheIsPriceless

So after I read the post, I followed the links...and this is the gist of it.

Taken from the SheIsPriceless.org website.

Join Us May 16

To Support Women Around The World


“She Is Priceless” Is A Campaign To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Oppressed Women.

A pearl is a healed wound.  An oyster protects itself from irritation and suffering and the result is a priceless pearl.  The women we support have endured unthinkable suffering in their lives and often feel forgotten.  We are joining together to remind the world that every woman matters.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Choose An Organization From The List Below

2. Click Learn More And Donate To The Cause Of Your Choice

3. Grab A Free Image To Share On Social Media Or Take A “Selfless Selfie” With Your Favorite Pearl Jewelry And Use The Hashtag #Putonyourpearls

4. Link Back To This Page To Let People Know How They Can Join The Movement.

I just loved the whole idea. They were partnered up with nine different organizations, each with different, laudable goals. I chose Beauty for Ashes Uganda whose goal is to empower single mothers and widows to reach long term sustainability. All the organizations were amazing though! Even if you can't help financially, spreading the word to your friends would be awesome too!

Of course, I forgot to wear pearls today...not really a pearl sort of gal...but I loved their symbolism of it! Anyways, I threw on one cool necklace I had (totally fake, btw...hahahahha)...so forgive the poor lighting, but here is my #Putonyourpearls selfie!