Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 25 - Relief

Oh my goodness guys...I can breathe again! I have been majorly stressing over this lab practical! The professor was making it sound terrible...guess he was trying to scare us! I've been studying my butt off! This morning I even went in early to the library at school to study and also check out the practice microscopes and mitosis slides.

I am wearing gray...under my blue flannel jacket
Can't beat that view though! Looking right out at the Connecticut River!

Last night I found the lab practical handout...oops! I forgot I had it...would have helped me focus my studying! Anyways, I had been thinking I probably wouldn't need to know all the microscope terms...think again! So I'm cramming those in, along with all the other stuff that I had been studying...organ systems, directional terms, areas of the body, parts of the cell and what they do, mitosis...I'm telling you, I was so worried! Finally wrapped it up...headed to the cafe to grab lunch before lab. I've never eaten there, but it was pretty decent, glad to say! Ran into some of the other students, so I'm eating while they're studying...and I was feeling pretty good about everything. I knew everything they were talking about.

So then we head gives us the instructions. There are 25 stations, 3 minutes at each station, 4 questions per station. Soon as I start and see the questions, oh yeah, I got this! There was only 1 question I know for sure I got of the dadgum parts of the microscope! Arrggghhhh!!! I knew it was tube body. Oh well, at least I got part of it! lol...I remembered the rest of the microscope parts! Anyways, starting to feel better about this class. I mean, it's no cakewalk...gonna be a lot of work, but feels doable now. I got my lab report submitted too...think I did alright there too...I hope!

Heading home I told myself I totally deserved a coffee! Then somehow managed to spill it all over me! grrr...sigh.

Here's my coffee

Rest of the day spent frantically cleaning...Dad and Lissy are coming to visit tomorrow for the weekend. Plus I just found out David's aunt is coming too! So should be a full weekend :) Looking forward to visiting with everyone. It's been a while since we've seen them. Haven't seen David's aunt since Mama's funeral...and David's surgery was the last time we saw Papa and Miss Lissy. Lot's of catching up to do. Plus, we're celebrating Papa's and David's birthdays. So that'll be fun!

Oh, we have a guest post today!!! My friend Carey, an awesome breast cancer survivor, threw some love to brain cancer awareness! Thanks Carey!!! 💕💕💕