Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 19 - Low Key

Today was pretty low key. Went walking with Kim and Sarah around the reservoir, then headed to the gym with Sarah for yoga. We were both tired! The heat probably didn't help. Yoga was super relaxing, although there were a few new moves that had me falling over every time I tried Y'all would have been laughing at me! Sarah sure was! hahahaha

That one swim in the crazy chlorine pool totally changed my hair color! It was blue, bright blue! now it's like a faded teal...there's so much more green in it! I couldn't believe how much it changed with just one swim...I could smell the chlorine in my shower, like days alter, even after I'd already showered it's like it totally soaked in!

Headed home to feed David...then started working on my lab report. I got a fair amount done...enough to feel pretty ok about

We had tacos for dinner...always a favorite with the kids...poor David couldn't have any, it's not Atkins friendly. I did make him a taco bowl with the meat, lettuce, cheese, and salsa...not quite the same though...;)

Fluffernutter had her guitar and band practice tonight...we were late, oops. :/ Her band is playing a gig in a couple weeks at a restaurant and moonshine better believe I'm gonna be sampling some moonshine! :) That's about it for today...just normal life.