Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 8 - Confessional ;)

Got a double outfit day...

I was in my sweats and workout clothes most the day...went walking, to the gym, and then mowed.
You can see my hair is a tad bit lighter than before...and no roots! But I really wanted a pale blue...oh well, it'll fade ;)

I'm gonna be brutally honest with y'all...there are so many days that I can't face cleaning or chores, or doing anything outwardly productive. My kids are stressed beyond belief is no picnic, not to mention all the social mazes to navigate, personal issues, homework, teenage drama, hormones, the stress of a sick parent. There just isn't a lot of extra energy to go around. So I try to give the kids a break when I can...they have chores they are supposed to do (ha!). But they need the downtime more, especially lately it seems. Maybe it's just the end of the school year blues...but everyone is just done lately! Unfortunately, in taking mental health breaks, my house suffers. And when I say it suffers, I'm not exaggerating. I wish. And don't get me started on the state of my floors! That dog did NOT live up to expectation! haha...she is way too picky for a dog!

Glitter didn't do her dishes last night...a not uncommon occurrence for all of the kids... 
Blankets from weekend tv/gaming...I think... 

See. Told ya. To be honest, when my house gets to that state, it stresses me out more...but I just don't have the mental energy to deal with it most days. Some days are way more productive than others...I'm not saying it's always a total wreck...but something has to give, and I choose my house rather than my kids. All that to say, this is my real life. I wish I had more of a cleaning gene...and I really wish my kids did! Lord knows I've tried! They all think I'm super clean, and I just laugh (while crying inside....) that they think my standards are high! They are such slobs! It's a good thing y'all can't see their room!!! Hazmat needed, for real! Lately I've been trying to give myself permission to relax. With my school, David's health, 4 kids, their school, their health,'s necessary.

Another thing I'm gonna be trying, just for myself...joining a gym! I can't believe it, I've never been a gym member. I still wouldn't if it wasn't for Sarah.'s far too intimidating to contemplate doing on my own. But we went gym shopping last week and found one we both we went today to sign up...and Sarah even treated me! You crazy girl...but I love ya! 💗💗💗 I'm actually looking forward to going and working out, trying to get and stay healthy...and mainly take a break that is also useful! lol...I'm hoping it is a stress reliever. And I can't wait to use the pool! We were all ready to take a dip today, especially since we had walked with Kim around the reservoir this morning...go figure, a pipe burst and the pool was closed! ugh! lol...oh well, I'm sure it'll be up and running soon.

Look at those gorgeous blooms! Makes mowing not so bad! 

Y'all check out the meal I made tonight though! Chili maple crusted salmon, avocado crema, couscous (which Glitter called goose, and sauteed yellow squash. It was scrumptious! And David got a steak since he doesn't like salmon. ;)

Tomorrow my school starts back up. I had two glorious weeks break! This semester I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology I, and a Psychology, lifespan development, class. The psych class doesn't start till mid semester though, so for now it's just the A&P class and lab. Looks like it's gonna be a lot of work, so y'all be thinking of me! :)

February had some fun events. Fluffernutter is part of an all girl band at her music studio. They're called The Royals. So one of the other girls' mom entered them in a talent show at the town they live in. It was the biggest crowd the girls have ever played to! I'd say there were several hundred people there! They were so nervous but they did a really good job! I have to show y'all the post I made from the dress rehearsal though...

Sitting here as Fluffernutter's band preps for dress rehearsal for a talent show this Friday... And it is so very clear to me that I am not, nor will I ever be, a stage mom... #thissucks #ihatethesethings #soawkward #hidinginthecorner#studyingformychemexam #itsgonnabealongnight#toomanyhashtagsbutforreal!

No, I still have not outgrown all my social anxiety/ seriously, I am so uncomfortable at those things. I don't know the other moms...they all seem really nice, but aarrrggghhhh!!! I'm just really bad at things where I don't know anybody.

Aren't they just adorable???  
Glitter was dying for some pink highlights...I thought her hair was light enough to just take the color without having to lighten it....but it came out so subtle! She still looked adorable though! 
Snowblowing! ugh!

Mary Catherine Woolley was feeling tired.
February 8
so, Fluffernutter has the flu...she's been sick since Saturday, but has basically been hibernating in her room...and never felt the need to inform me of her body was all, I just thought I slept wrong. umm, no, that's not it! lol...sigh. It's been going around. Of course, too late for any meds, she should be fine in a couple of days...but had to get David a preventative dose of Tamiflu since he's on chemo. Here's hoping it doesn't spread! So far so good, everyone else in the house is feeling, that teenage disappearing act is coming in handy right now...hahahaha

Thankfully either the isolation or the Tamiflu did the trick...David was totally fine! 

Not my first choice for how to spend valentine's day...but hey, we get to hang out all day together...and hopefully get a nice lunch before we head home... Round 11 almost in the bag...err, vein...  David doesn't know what to think about my lips! Hahahahaha...

Grabbed date lunch while we were in the city  yum! Now home with the kids watching Doctor Strange... Glad David is feeling OK...just tired

Oh yeah, I rocked the lips! haha
My brain hurts... Instead of lab we had day 2 of mind can only comprehend so much chemistry before it breaks... Lol  I just got 6 hours of lectures in the last 24 hours ... 😩

The teacher was making up for snow was overload!
haha...maybe that's why there's a picture of Adult S'mores next in my phone 😋
Glitter had a sleepover with her two best friends, Pinky Pie and Clever Bell
they painted Freckles nails! lol
pannu kakku (Finnish pancakes)

My adorable 6 year old going on 16! Haha...he's so stinking cute! Then he says, "you're not putting that on Facebook...You are, aren't you." he knows me so well 😜

he looks like such a hipster in this picture!

Think I'm in love, finally got a new old one was been dying a slow death the last few years...shelves were holding on to dear life, crumbling away, balancing on screws... Leaking.... Lol 😁 ain't it purty?!? Plus, it was on sale! Haha 😄

Isn't it just about the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen???? I was in desperate of my shelves was literally just balancing on a couple of screws...and would tip over all the time! Plus it was leaking almost daily...think it's what killed our computer several months ago!

look at that ice!
Looks so bleak!

Fluffernutter's band The Royals had a gig along with a bunch of other bands from Summit Studios... They did awesome!

gorgeous girls! 
They played at a local bar and grill with a bunch of other bands from the studio. It was a great afternoon of music...her band was one of the 2 headliners! 
My little, I mean, big rock star! She is so cool!
Buddy loved it!
I was digging my boho vibe! lol