Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 27 - Family Fun

Today's gray...y'all I have made it without any repeats! Besides my gym wear, which really shouldn't count!!! haha

I was all looking forward to sleeping in this morning...and what time do I wake up? 5 freaking 30 am!!!! The younger two were up and watching a show and apparently making cookies! Luckily I fell right back asleep...and then woke up at 9...which is better, but still too early for Saturday!!! hahaha...oh well, it was just as well. I REALLY needed to mow! It was due like 3 days ago, but it's been raining everyday. It finally stopped yesterday...that lawn was like a meadow! lol

Buddy kept me company the whole time!

Saturday means pancake morning! Since David is taking a break from his diet, I knew I couldn't skip it!

buttermilk pancakes, buttermilk syrup, and strawberries and blackberries macerated in balsamic vinegar and sugar!
Worth breaking a diet over! lol

Then Papa and Miss Lissy, plus Aunt Tish and her husband, also a David, came over. Dad brought David's awesome birthday present...a new propane grill! Oh yeah, I'm gonna be using that baby all the time!!! :) It's gorgeous! and they got a cover too. We are so breaking it in tomorrow! I forgot to take a pic today, but I'll post one tomorrow! They also brought the kids a badminton/volleyball some new horseshoes. The house came with horseshoe pits (and a pool and hot tub...but the horseshoes is all we

caught David laughing at
silly kiddos

For dinner, I was already planning on cooking...had all the fixings for spaghetti...or we could have used the grill...but nope. David wanted to go to Catsup and Mustard, an awesome burger joint here in town. We were planning on going there to stick to the plan dude! Guess he just couldn't wait.

haha...I was too eager to eat...I couldn't wait for a pic! Of course, I got the pretzel good!
our waiter was kind enough to get some pics of all of us!

We got there right before the dinner rush, so we only had to wait for them to put a table together for us. The burgers were great as we got the half and half fries and onion rings...and the sweet potato fries with maple mayonnaise dipping sauce. Yum!

Back to the house for a mini concert...with very reluctant guilted Fluffernutter and Glitter into performing! Fluffernutter played some of her guitar pieces for everyone. I have no evidence though...she was hiding even more in the corner ;) Then we even got Glitter to play her favorite violin piece.

The kids had been waiting all day to go swimming at Papa's hotel...Buddy was starting to think we'd never go! haha...finally got there...and it was crazy packed!!! and terribly loud! Apparently there was a baseball tournament and they were all staying at that hotel.! But we stuck it out for about and hour and a half...the older two got out about half way through...but the younger ones were having a great time! David called me at one point (he stayed home, obviously) and I didn't even hear it. Not that I would have been able to talk...I mean, it was pandemonium! But the important thing is the kids had fun!

Can't see the crowd in these pics...which is why I'm putting them up...but trust me, it was insane!

Finally called it a night...and got the kids home. We'll meet up with everyone at church tomorrow. Hopefully David is feeling ok and makes it! He really did pretty good...stayed downstairs for a couple hours...even sat outside for a bit...he only does that for company! hahaha...when we first got to the restaurant he was feeling pretty sick...but that was probably because we had a little walk to get there...once he sat down and got a drink he felt a lot better. I was worried...I have seen that scenario play out really badly...hahahaha!!!

Anyways, it was a great day...relaxing and just lovely to visit with family. We haven't seen David's Aunt Tish in years! The last time was at Mama's funeral...and it's not like you're exactly visiting with people. Before that was back when we lived in Colorado! So it was really great to just hang out and reconnect. I can't believe they made that long drive today from VA just to come see us for a day or so. That was incredibly sweet! And of course, we couldn't be happier to have Dad and Lissy out to visit too. We've really missed them!