Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 18 - Heat Wave

Y'all, it has finally warmed up! and then some! my car said the temperature was 101! I love the warmth, but even I felt that was a little excessive ;) But I'll take that over freezing any day!

Buddy wore his Fight Cancer shirt today! I love that trying so hard smile! :)
Glitter had a field trip today to an aquarium...doesn't she look so cute??? she was already so hot just from walking to school in the morning :)

I had my A&P lab today. We were doing an experiment which we then have to write a lab report about that's due next week. I was a little worried about the hypothesis part, since the professor said he's pretty tough on that. But my lab partners and I worked on it and showed it to him and he said it was pretty now I think I can knock the paper out pretty well. Whew...well...hopefully. We'll see. ;)

Yesterday Kim and I saw a blue heron eating a fish (well, that's what someone told us it when we walked around the cool! Haven't seen one there before.
I looked like a weird oompa loompa after mowing was SO hot!!! I even have gray sneakers! I forgot to change to my grubby shoes before I mowed, so they're green and gray now. :/

The kids had a half day at school yesterday. A new trampoline jump place just opened in town, so we figured that would be a fun way to spend the free time! With a quick stop at Dairy Queen first! David was going to go, but he was feeling yucky. Too bad, they actually had a lot of places to sit and watch. Todd brought his kids...the grownups decided to jump too! We paid for 2 hours...but 1 hour would have been plenty! 30 minutes in we were all huffing and puffing and exhausted! lol...we got a second wind, but an hour really is plenty of time!

Clever Bell was wearing gray!
They had a cool ninja course set up! That was really neat!
And Todd was wearing gray too!
Buddy was loving it!
Everyone fell off the tightrope!
Fluffernutter made it the furthest...except for Buddy who cheated! lol
The jousting was a hit!!! super fun!
Guess who won this match...not
Shift actually beat me this time...but I beat her the time before ;) 
But of course Todd got the camera evidence of my loss!
At this point, it had literally only been 30 min!!! hahahahaha
The older girls were mad, this was the "little" kid area...with a crazy steep slide! They wanted to play on it too! I think Fluffernutter snuck in before we left! ;) 

We had a really fun time! The kids were all trying different tricks...and injuring I haven't laughed that hard in a while. This morning they were all so sore...except Buddy. And me...I wasn't crazy! lol... I thought it would be packed, especially since it was a half day...but there was hardly anyone there! I don't think a lot of people know it's opened already. It was great having the place almost to ourselves! It's my first time going to one of those places...think some of the kids have been...but we'll definitely go back over the summer!