Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 15 - Halfway There!

May is half over! Truthfully, it hasn't felt much like May...our weather this year has been so back and forth. It's been chilly and rainy the last week...and now it's gonna get up to about 90 in a couple days! Not that I'm the warmer weather. I just wish it would stay that way! :)

Sarah had gray on too! Don't you just love our gym gear??? Nope...and FCancer! haha
Monday is gym day :)
prepping for class tomorrow :/

Didn't do too much today...worked out...ran a couple errands. Took David to his general practioner for a quick follow up...picked up kids, made dinner...trying to read my textbook...easily distracted. :) Just a normal day in the life. ;)

OK, but how cute is this? I went up to bed last night and found Buddy all decked out in paintball gear...snoozing in my spot! He was too adorable to be annoyed at...even if he is ridiculously heavy now!