Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 21 - Day of Rest

It was my week to work the nursery at church...we have these official t-shirts, not gray. lol...but I threw a silver headband on and called it a day. ;) I didn't feel like getting a whole new outfit on...luckily we have a guest post today! Hooray!

see, it's a cute silver bow in my hair...totally counts! hahaha

Glitter looked adorable for church, so I made pose for a pic...she was thrilled, obvi!


Relaxed all afternoon...well, I The older girls had to mow the backyard...and Glitter had dishes and the bathroom. But don't worry, they had plenty of free time. Until I made the older two go to youth group. They were displeased with mom! They got back at me pulled a muscle and the other twisted her ankle playing capture the flag

Check out this gorgeous lady! Nicki sent me her gray today! Thanks chica!!! Love it...and yeah for cocktails! 💖💖💖

#gogreyinmay for brain cancer awareness one cocktail at a time! 🍾