Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 30 - Empty Brain

Before the test...


After the test...


BTW, isn't that shirt cool??? I snagged it at Savers yesterday...I like the white silhouette of the Star Wars IV poster...it's subtle but so neat once you see it! 

I swear that professor loves trying to scare us. The test was long and in depth, but as long as you studied, it wasn't that bad, thankfully! We were all bummed when he announced that after the test time was up, 90 minutes, he would start the lecture. Ugh!!! I sure was hoping that I could leave as soon as I was done! I'm a fast test taker...so I was sitting around for almost an hour...wound up using the time to at least read the slides for the next chapter. Of course I didn't read ahead before the test! I was busy studying! We were all moaning and groaning. We did the Kahoot quiz (got third...which ain't bad) and we all did terrible. He was all, who read the chapter. No one! One girl said, I didn't know you were gonna lecture. He's all, it was in the syllabus guys. Who reads that every week?!?!?!? hahaha....oh well. He posted the rough grade from the test tonight, without the bonus points...I got a 96. I killed the bonus points though, so that's a cool 100!!! Not to brag or anything :P lol...dude, I'm so psyched though. Of course, he likes to kill the buzz by saying that was the easiest one...blah, blah, blah...but I got this. I know I got this now...so feeling a teeny bit less stressed. 

After school I had to take Shift to her doctor appointment. Then home for dinner...spaghetti, bread, olive garden salad...love that they sell their salad dressing! Then just relaxed, no more school work tonight.