Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day!

I know, I know...that was yesterday...but we were so busy celebrating I couldn't post anything till now. 

So Rachel and I were trying to plan what we were gonna do for Father's Day...maybe go to the shooting range. We hadn't been in a while, and it's one of the few outdoors things David enjoys. His dad is a member at a gun range near where they live. We figured we'd cook burgers and such, go shooting for a bit and maybe even go hiking too. Seemed like it'd be fun for the both the dads...and David could always hang at the house and rest if he didn't want to do the other stuff. Anyways, that was what we came up laid plans. :)

Some artwork the girls made on Thursday, I think...

Silly Red Three, using the chalk for makeup! And I told Red One and Red Two they could be on my blog...they wore gray that day! So did Buddy...Red Three just slipped in because she's so darn cute.

Well, it's been raining a ton lately...rain for a couple days, then sunny then rain for another couple days, then sunny. I had wondered briefly about my basement earlier this week, but it was fine. Then Friday night I headed down there to get something...flooded! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd say it was about 2-3 inches. Our wet vac wasn't working, and it wasn't deep enough for our sump pump. We don't have a sump pump hole...that would have been a lifesaver. Thankfully, most of the stuff down there is in plastic bins. But I did have to throw away my entire collection of gift bags :( lol...there were a few other ruined things, but nothing I'll miss. After salvaging/moving what I could, I tried the sump pump...but like I said, not deep enough. The motor started overheating. Although we have a dehumidifier, there's no way it would get ahead of that much! It was late, so I figured we'd bail it out in the morning. So Saturday morning, the girls and I headed down to bail. I actually had the (genius) idea of putting the sump pump in the big 5 gallon paint bucket and scoop the water into that...and drain it into the sink down there. It worked pretty well. Of course, we were all soaked! But the girls thought it was fun. :) We couldn't keep up with the pump, so kept having to turn it off...but overall, it worked pretty well. It was a lot better than lugging the bucket to the sink at any rate, and faster too! We've had a couple days now of no rain, so hopefully the ground has dried a bit. It's only the second time it's flooded...the last was a couple of winters ago. We had 3-4 feet of snow on the ground, and when it all melted, we got about the same amount of seepage. I should have at least gotten a picture of the girls and I soaked from bailing, but oh well. Of course we couldn't get every last bit...but the dehumidifier is taking care of the rest...just about dry now. Could have been worse!

The rain did make it a perfect night for soup though! Pioneer Woman's Chicken and Dumplings hit the spot!

Red Two's modern art sculpture ;) She was very proud.

Sunday morning we head to first church. Buddy was so cute. He was actually mostly good throughout the mass...but he had a lot to say! At one point he was telling me something, I couldn't understand the whole story, but he ended it with "I so cool, I so awesome!" hahaha, that kid! 

I had made an apple pie, although to David, if it doesn't have a crust on top and bottom, it's not an apple pie. Well excuse me! Apparently, even though the crumble topping is 100 x more delicious, it's not a real apple pie! LOL...David's favorite is apple pie, but come on! That's so much work! He got a lattice pie out of me a couple Thanksgivings ago, and I said, you better enjoy it, cuz I don't know if you'll ever get another one! Anyways, I'm mostly joking, but yes, he did still comment on the crumble topping. Seriously, how can you go wrong with butter, sugar, flour, and pecans?!?!?!? Anyways, Red One wanted to make something I let her make the cobbler. It was so funny, David had called me from work the other day to tell me about this new, easy way he'd heard of making cobbler. He's telling me you get fruit, then put cake mix on top and then butter and then bake it. I'm like, seriously? I've made that for YEARS! It's called dump cake and it's delicious. Haha, then he said, well call it cobbler and I'll like it more! bwahahaha, what a brat!
Back to the baking, I thought we'd make peach, because David loves peach. So, in between first church and second church, Red One put it together. She was a little miffed that it was so easy, she felt she was beyond that! She got over it though. 

Red Three also finally lost her first tooth! It's been wiggly for almost two months...I finally said, that thing is coming out today! It was ready and came right out. Then the poor baby lost it again, we never could find it :( I don't know if the dog ate it or what, but it's gone! Oh well, she'll still get a dollar ;)

I had almost forgotten that it was my week to work the nursery at CLG, or second church as we call it...Buddy calls it play church because he gets to go in the Toddler room :) That's why I have to put everything in my phone calendar! I was sad to miss the service though...our senior pastor has been gone the last three weeks, and I always enjoy his preaching! Red One stayed down to help me. She loves babies and they usually love her back! Not this time We only had two little ones this week, and I think they were cousins. The one was totally fine, came right in, started playing. The other cried his little eyes out! He would almost stop, then nope, back to being upset. He's usually fine, but what can ya do. I finally had to call his parents to come get him. Then, after he was gone, the other little one starts to get upset and finally starts wailing. He was totally fine, didn't even care that his cousin was crying, but after he left, he didn't like that! Red One tried to play with him and pick him up...he screamed more! It was almost I called his mom, then had no one left. I didn't want to go upstairs with Buddy for 20 minutes before the service was over, but they had a tv in the nursing room, so I at least caught part of the preaching. I had lots of people asking about David...I love that they remember and care about him! I feel bad, but sometimes I don't even know who they are...but I appreciate the care and prayers immensely. I also talked to our pastor's wife a bit too...she's so lovely!

David had decided not to go to church...just feeling like crap lately! I was hoping that he'd still want to go hang at his dad's house...maybe go shooting...but he wasn't up for it. He said we'd celebrate again next weekend, when he's not taking the chemo, and he'd pick the menu. He wants rib-eye fajitas...cause apparently regular fajitas are for Anyways, I really didn't want to leave him by himself...but he said he wanted us to go. Guess it's nice having some peace and quiet. But still :( I hate leaving him like that, but if I never went out without him, I don't know if I'd ever leave the house. He's always been a bit of a hermit, but add in chemo and he's just about a recluse! Of course I can't help worrying about him, but I try not to nag too much. He'd probably say it's still to much...haha! And, whatever he needs to do to get through, I want to be supportive. This cycle is definitely much worse! His stomach just doesn't know what to do...and there's nothing I can do to help. That's the worst part. Just sitting by helpless. Ugh.

Anyways, my brother called me right then...I hadn't talked to him in at least a month or so. It was nice to chat. He's a captain in the Army...he's commander of a company, but will have change of command coming up soon, then will be deployed to Kuwait for a year in September. He was deployed to Iraq about 4 years ago (I think). Kuwait should be much's way better than Afghanistan, that's for sure! The girls are already asking me if we'll be sending care packages again...they really enjoyed sending boxes to the "shoulders" as Red Three called them at the time. So get ready for that Uncle Mike! ;) My oldest niece just turned 18 and graduated high school too...which is just shocking! Makes me feel old...I remember meeting her when she was just this tiny, mop of curls 4 year old! She's such a beautiful young lady now. Way to go, Rose! Super proud of you!!!

After I finally got off the phone with Mike (he'll talk your ear ya dude!), I figured we ought to head over to the in-laws. First, the girls gave their presents to Daddy...they had made some artwork at school. They had also picked out a bear claw back-scratcher from Cabelas, some ranch flavored sunflower seeds (took Red One forever to pick the right flavor, lol) and a tactical weapon magazine. At least he had stuff to do while we were gone! Although, I was worried I'd be the new owner of some new gun accessory when I got back...haha. Since the drive is about 45 minutes, I had time to call my dad...but never could get a hold of him :/

As soon as we got there, we threw on some burgers, dogs, and brats (my favorite!) since we were starving! Rachel had picked up some corn too...delicious! Red Three was eating a cob and what do you know, she totally knocked one of her other teeth loose...we didn't even know it was loose. She pulled it out...two in one day! I've been trying to tell her that Toothless is a cool nickname...she doesn't believe me. But she did say it was better than Baby, which is what we always used to call her. My little cutie!

We never did get to the gun range, or even make it to the park. After eating, it was overcast, we kept thinking it might never did though. We did shoot arrows with Rachel's bow though...that was way fun. The girls loved it! Only downer, we totally lost 2 arrows! Those suckers are crazy hard to find in the woods...even with the neon orange and green feathering. The problem is they slide in horizontally, and with all the leaves, if it goes under, you'll never find them. :/ oh was a blast! My mom even got in on the fun! Plus the hammock was back in order and the fire pit was going...what more could you want? 

I am woman, here me roar! LOL

We not only had the apple pie (which everybody loved and said was better than regular pie, I might add! lol) and the peach cobbler, but Rachel had fixings for strawberry shortcake, plus of course, s'mores! 

Cool heatwaves! 
What a

We even put up the tent to check it hadn't been used for a few years. Easy peasy...came together no problem! We really want to go camping this summer, but we still need some supplies (like sleeping bags...haha). Soon though!

And, it would help if David was not in the middle of a chemo cycle! We finally tore ourselves away around 9:00...the girls had school in the morning...still! Can you believe it???? I hate the ridiculously long school year up here...that's my worst complaint with the's insane! Back in Texas school is typically out before Memorial Day...up here, the last day of school this year is the 25th of June...come one, they're not learning anything by that point!!! Anywho, I'm getting! What was I talking about...oh yeah, so that was the end of the day. Super fun, relaxing...just hanging out, playing, talking...perfect! The only thing that would have made it better is if David wasn't on stinking chemo, and even though he's a hermit, he would have come and hung out and played too. I always miss him when he's not there for all the activities...I really think that's my least favorite thing about this whole cancer thing. I hate the way it sucks the energy out of him and makes it hard to do the everyday things. But, we get around it...make it's not perfect, but that's life! I still have so much more to be completely grateful about to allow myself to get lost in the things that aren't as great. 

Oh, I almost forgot! On the way home from walking the girls to school this morning, I saw the tiniest frog/toad I've ever seen! Of course, I didn't have my camera, but luckily I had a water bottle I could put it in to get it home. Buddy was thrilled to walk past the road construction going on...we actually passed it twice. He LOVES tractors! Of course, all the guys said hi to him too. ;) Anyways, I did get a couple good shots of the tiny thing when we got home. I've never seen one that small!!!