Friday, January 17, 2014


Yikes! I started this post almost two months ago and never posted it...I'll finish it and then do a second one to catch up.

This week started off an a bit of a low note, as I'm sure you all could tell...;) Sarah dropped off the car for us, which made everything a little easier. Rachel was trying to work out everything from having her purse stolen...such a headache. She was supposed to head down to Alabama to meet up with Dad for Thanksgiving...but no renting a car or flying without a license. Plus, with all the moving hoopla, it was no easy task to find her birth certificate or social security card. Thankfully, the SSN card showed up and she was able to get her drivers license on that got sorted out!

David headed to see his general practitioner about the pain...just to see what he thought about seeing a rheumatologist, etc. The doctor is still stumped...doesn't think it's anything that would fall under a rheumatologist's purview...but did give him a recommendation for one, as well as a couple of supplement suggestions...we just need to run them past David's oncologist, make sure there's no problem with taking them. He also upped his pain meds in the meantime. The pain's no better, but at least we're working on trying to figure it out. 

One of the nice things about David being home is time with the kids is a little more relaxed. The kids and I all love board games...David not so much. We managed to guilt him into playing with us one night...Apples to Apples. At first he thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever, especially with how arbitrary the kid's decisions were...but it got a lot funnier as we went along. We had a great time!

David had been in contact with the company he used to work for in Colorado. They are in Connecticut as well...and he's heard they needed test techs. The initial conversation with the owner was very positive...and he talked to the local manager as well. One of the possible issues was that David is a member of IBEW 103, in his old company is located nearby. This company is not a signatory there however, they are working with the CT locals...which are different rates, etc. We were unsure how that would work...the unions typically don't like members switching locals. Thankfully David was in contact with one of his friends at his old work who knew all the ins and outs. Basically, the best thing would be to sign in to the CT locals as a traveler from 103. The only downside would be the paycut...which while not great, heck, we'd live with it! The best scenario would be if the new company would make up the difference...but we weren't sure if they'd go for that.

Anyways...they asked him to come in for a meeting with the local manager on Thursday morning. You can bet that I was praying my head off! We were hopeful...but never know. And then you have to you bring up all the brain stuff...especially since that didn't seem to go over so well at his last company. People can get so freaked out by cancer...and then you throw in the brain and they just don't know what to do with that. But it's gonna come out anyways if he did get the job...what to do! David was gone a couple of hours...he called me to let me know he was on his way back. The meeting went well...the manager (even though the owner had vouched for David's expertise....remember, he worked for them for a couple of years before we moved to CT) did his job and asked a lot of technical questions...showed him a scheme to see if he could read it (David aced that...write-ups are a bit of a specialty! and, he's super smart!) seemed to go well. They told David they'd let him know by the end of the week...which would be the next day. David even told them all about the cancer/surgeries. He knew it would come out at some point...might as well be upfront about it. I was a bit more tentative...even though it's illegal to discriminate because of would be easy enough to find a different reason not to hire him. I had so many people praying that day though. Thanks to all of you who joined in!!!

David mentioned that this guy (he'd been talking to two different local guys) hadn't heard about the whole sign-in on the travelers list...and certainly hadn't heard about the idea of paying the difference. He was thinking he probably got the job, but that it would be at the CT rate...which would be a significant pay cut. But, again, a paycheck is a paycheck...we would be happy to get the job! Sarah asked if I'd go with her to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire with her in the morning. I was happy to say yes! ;) We were hoping Kim could make it too...but she had plans :(

Because David had the car for the interview, I missed BSF...but he made it back in time for me to attend the fellowship time afterwards. One of the ladies in my group opened her home to us so we could visit with each other and eat lunch. I was happy to be able to attend...gave me a chance to get to know them a little better.

I told David when I headed off to watch the movie on Friday that if he heard anything, he'd better let me know right away!!! Sarah had to take care of an emergency at work...even though she had the week off :( I felt bad she had to deal with that stress...but then we got to the theater. We were so pumped!!! Sometimes we try to make the midnight showings...but the morning was perfect...wasn't too crowded or anything. There were a ton of previews! Which I don't mind...I actually like previews, but wow, it was a lot! Then the movie started...and man, the momentum never let up! The movie was seriously good...I loved the first one...but this one was even better! Everything was fleshed out more, the characters developed more, the costumes were insane! Just wonderful stuff! and of course, Jennifer Lawrence was amazing as always!

Then, about an hour into the movie, my phone lights up. I checked it (totally ignoring all the commercials before the movie that told you not to text...haha, I'm so bad...I did try to hide the light at least ;) and there was a text from David... "I got the job." Not only that, they're paying him the Boston rate!!! I was seriously so excited!!! I had a hard time concentrating on the movie...I showed Sarah, she was thrilled! She was so happy for us...was really, really hoping we wouldn't have to move either...that would have been dreadful.

It was truly a wonderful day, as you might imagine!