Saturday, September 14, 2013

Odds and Ends

Buddy's hair was starting to get way too was time to buzz him. As you can tell, he wasn't totally pleased...well, he wanted me to cut his hair until I actually started. Then he wanted to get away and hide! lol

He got over it pretty quickly though ;)

It was such a pretty day Rachel and I took Buddy to the park. Of course, he had a blast!

ahhh, the bumpy for kids, torture for adults :P
He was pretty fearless...going down the pole and other contraptions without a thought.
The park has a butterfly garden with beautiful flowers.
Of course, we had to go look at the fish!
Perfect timing! I managed to catch the fall in slo-mo...haha

David got on another one of his kicks...I seriously blame Youtube! Anyways, the big new thing was a robotic vacuum cleaner...he did a lot of research and went with the Neato.

Freckles isn't too sure about it!

It's actually pretty really well. It gets stuck every now and then...but we have it programmed to vacuum every night around 1:00 in the morning. Our floor is much cleaner now. It might not be's not so great on the edges, but I'll tell ya what, it's way better than our kids! They stink at sweeping/vacuuming!!!

Auntie Kim brought Buddy a pair of boots that her son had outgrown. She told them they were like Daddy's work boots. This kid actually loves shoes too. He had to put them on right away...he was bashfully so proud of himself wearing them. Even the next day, he asked me to put his boots on...then he told me he was going to work. He went in the back yard and started construction! lol...too stinkin' cute!

The other day, Buddy was playing with David's old radiation mask and asked "Daddy's?" I said, "yeah, that's Daddy's mask"...Buddy said..."iss Superman?" I said "yeah, Daddy is Superman!" If getting dunked in a barrel of toxic waste can make you a superhero, I think radiation qualifies, IMO!
Isn't this just the weirdest thing? I haven't gotten to this point in my flashback posts...but this is the mask they made for David when he had served two purposes: 1- keep his head still during the radiation; 2- gave them aiming points for the radiation.

 It's funny, but I'm totally planning on painting this thing, probably zombie green (Red Two's favorite color) and mounting it on a plaque on the wall. I think it will be hilarious! Some people probably think it's weird, but I think it's funny, David is OK with it...sometimes you just gotta laugh instead of mope!

Lastly, I have to share the cutest thing with y'all. A friend of ours from David's LOTR game asked me the other day if the girls liked Taylor Swift...she was working at her concert. Anyways, I said yeah, Red One even sang a Taylor Swift song at her school talent show. A few days later, a package shows up with three shirts with Red on them...that's the name of Taylor's newest album. The hilarious thing is, as you all know, it's also their nicknames on this blog. The package was even addressed to Red. Hilarious! We've been saying we need to put 1, 2, and 3 on the

Thanks Doc!!!