Sunday, September 29, 2013

A week in the life...aka...madness!

While nothing especially exciting happened this week, I was so exhausted and mentally worn out by the time Friday rolled around! I started off with a list of things I wanted to get done on Monday...which got exponentially longer as more stuff got checked off. Confession time: I love lists...if I don't write it down, whether on paper or my phone, it just doesn't get done! How many of you will add something to your list that you've already accomplished just so you can check it off? No? Only me??? OK

As you can see, not everything on my list got done...but I did feel fairly productive most days.:)

Sunday - The Texans game was actually broadcast here!!! I was so excited. David had wanted to do something with the kids on Sunday, but when I saw we'd get the game, I told him I knew what we were doing! We don't often get I was pumped. Go figure...they really stunk it up :( Not only did Andre Johnson get reinjured...but the game actually got cut off in the last few minutes...they wound up losing to Baltimore 30-9...booooooo! It was actually a closer game than it kinda fell apart after the interception towards the end of the 1st half...oh well. It was still fun to watch! My favorite player right now is JJ Watt!!! He's so great...and Andre Johnson is pretty amazing too! I was telling David and Dad that I wanted to get a JJ Watt jersey. I'm in need of some new fan gear!

Monday - I had to take Red Three in for her annual physical, as well as a spirometry test to check for asthma. I was fairly certain that she had it...she's had several episodes of difficulty breathing, usually exercise induced. She had an inhaler at school last year to use before exercise, but wasn't officially diagnosed. I guess you have to have so many episodes before getting a diagnosis. So, she did the breathing test, and then got a treatment of albuterol, waited a few minutes and did the test again. The treatment improved her breathing, which apparently is an indication of asthma. So, she will take a preventive medication in the morning, and a few puffs of Albuterol before exertion. She actually grew over 3 inches since her last physical...she's my shorty...but she's not so little anymore. Still only in the 25 percentile or so in height...44% in weight...She's always been tiny, but believe it or not, she's higher on the charts then she used to be. We really don't know how that happened...I'm above average and David is very tall. We always joke about where our kids came from...while Red One could never be mistaken as anything other than David's child, the rest of them are quite diverse! hahaha

Buddy using a dead Ipod to take pics ;)

I know it's a fairly common complaint...but getting my kids moving in the do what they've been doing for years! is just torture! Some days it's like pulling teeth just to get them to do their morning list, which consists of "make bed, get dressed, have a prayer time, shower (Red1), bring laundry down, brush hair, pick up floor, eat, brush teeth." I mean, am I really asking too much??? They have about an hour and a half to get this any minor chores/dishes etc, before we have to leave for school. I just wish they would get how much easier their lives would be if they would just do stuff without fooling around and how much more free time they would have! They'd be able to play, read, whatever before school if they would buckle down and get stuff done. We just haven't had that light bulb moment yet. :/ I know all you mamas can sympathize! One of the things on my list was to make an individual morning check list for each of them...and not let them talk to each other till it's done. They always start gabbing away (or fighting, could go either way) and get totally distracted and nothing gets I'm always trying out different systems and suggestions. Some work and some don't...I just need to find one and stick to it!

I picked up some spray paint and took care of David's radiation looks so cool! Now I just need to get a wooden plaque to fasten it to, then hang it up. It's gonna be awesome!

Tuesday - MOPS morning!!! Yay! The theme this year is "A Beautiful Mess - embrace your story." I think it's a really great appropriate not only to motherhood, but life in general. This meeting we got assigned to our small groups. Our group leader asked if anyone had a beautiful mess story to share...I think I won :) I told everyone my poopy vacuum got a lot of laughs! Haha, at least some good came out of it ;) I'm so happy MOPS has started back's such a wonderful part of my closest friends and whole support system has come from the relationships I made at my MOPS group. Buddy loves going to play with his friends. He said he was going to go play with his boy friends...then he asked me if I was going to see my girl friends. LOL...too cute! I have to admit though, it's a little weird going to MOPS and not doing anything...I was on the steering team for so many years that it's a bit of an adjustment to just being a member without any responsibility. It's nice in a way to relax, but at the same time, I really enjoyed being on the team. I just couldn't keep up the commitment this year.

Wednesday - So, if y'all remember, I had to cancel Red Three's dentist appointment because she was sick last week. It was rescheduled for Wed. morning...she couldn't wait. All the kids love going to the dentist...mainly, it seems, because they get a coin to pick out a prize when they are doesn't take much to make them happy. :) She picked out these things called fish eggs...basically these little beads that swell in water...she's been obsessed with them all week! She had a couple spots on her teeth they want to keep an eye on...she has to do an extra flouride gel at night to try to strengthen them. But, no official cavities...yay!

While we were waiting on the dentist, David called me and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch...but I knew he had an ulterior motive! Turns out he'd forgotten his printer and needed me to bring it to him...bummer! It's about a 35 minute drive to his current job site...I SO did not want to go!!! But off I went after I dropped Red 3 at school. Buddy likes going to see Daddy though. Funny story...last week, David needed these special cables to run tests on some relays...and he forgot them. So he asked me to bring them to him. I drove all the way out there, met him at this diner for the hand off... and realized as I'm eating my pancakes that I had completely forgotten the cables!!! I couldn't believe it!!! All that way for nothing! So ridiculous!

I don't remember what night this was, but Buddy was so exhausted he lay down at my feet while I was on the computer and conked out...I didn't even realize he was there at

Thursday - Rachel and I started going to BSF - Bible Study Fellowship. It's a bible study that lasts all school year and really goes in depth. This year they are studying the book of Matthew. It's free (which is great), has a cool children's program, although, unfortunately it's full right now (bummer!), small group discussion, homework, lecture. It seems like it will be a really great program. I missed last week because of all the sick people in my house...but we made it to this week's meeting...even with last minute babysitter changes. My friend Carey was able to grab Buddy and hang out with him at the children's museum. Thanks Carey! I really hope I can get Buddy in the child program soon...I already told them I won't be able to keep coming long term if he's unable to just isn't feasible to find someone to watch him every week. This week I was in my small group...and met a fellow Texan! was awesome!

Afterwards, we headed to Olive Garden for some soup, salad, and breadsticks! Really, that's my favorite thing to get's delicious (is there a better salad??? I don't think so!) and cheap (essential!). Then we stopped at Target to get some fun, grownup school supplies. David got off work early to get his bloodwork done and some paperwork faxed Rachel and I headed home to meet him. The girls were really happy to see him at school pickup!

Friday - I was able to help Carey out by picking up her daughter from preschool and hanging out with her a few hours. It's nice to not always be the one needing help...don't want to take advantage all the time. Buddy and her little girl get along really well...they had a lot of fun!

One of the fundraisers MOPS is doing this year is Antiquities...which is a portrait session by professional photographers in fun, old fashioned clothing with props and an antique coloring. We did this several years was a sepia tone...came out beautifully! This year I think it's black and white with one thing in color...should be really cool. I only did Buddy's portrait though...I already got all three of the girls the last time the Antiquities fundraiser was done several years ago. Plus, I've never gotten Buddy's portrait done...yes, the stereotype is correct. ;) Anyways, his photo shoot was scheduled for Friday afternoon. I think the pictures are gonna come out awesome! Buddy was listening to the photographer so well and really cooperated. I can't wait to see them!

The two younger girls have running club on Fridays after I don't have to pick them up until's awesome! They hate it. LOL...I'm a mean mama! Then I had to pick up David's prescription from the doctor's office...but when I tried to drop it off at Walgreens they were out. Really??? Not the first time about you keep more in stock! Not to mention I had been waiting in the drive through line for at least 15 minutes...oh well. Luckily CVS had it...but it wouldn't be ready till 7:30...and that's when I was supposed to go out with Sarah for dinner. Thankfully Dad said he could pick it up! I was so in need of a break by this point. I had been looking forward to girls' night all week long! I was wearing my owl sweater (that I made at Red Two's party) but when Sarah texted me about our reservations, I knew I'd better change!

She had made reservations at Barcelona (which I'd never heard of) in West Hartford...a tapas restaurant. It was SO nice. We actually sat outside on the patio...they had giant heaters going was so relaxing! We had a couple of delicious drinks and ordered several dishes. It was scrumptious! We even got dessert! Like Sarah said, it was nice to just say yes to everything...we hardly ever do. Thanks Sarah! It was a lovely evening, and I couldn't ask for better company! Not only that, but she and Dave (her Dave, not had taken her boys to The Big E (a giant, weeks long fair here in New England) on Thursday and had picked up a present for me...the most beautiful stained glass T.A.R.D.I.S.!!! It was SO cool!

I absolutely love it!

Saturday - Pancake morning in our house...I made coconut pancakes with maple cinnamon butter...delicious! The girls have a few bigger chores to get done on Saturday morning...again, they usually drag it out...sometimes taking all day to do stuff that should take an hour. They did a little better this least it was still morning when they finished...or pretty close. Other than Red One, but she was mowing, so that takes a while. Overall, it was much less painful though, thank goodness. ;)

Red Two was actually invited by one of her friends, Thing 2 to be precise, to go to The Big E on Saturday for the day and for some Disney channel concert. She was so excited...couldn't wait! I stopped at Walgreens to pick up a few items and get some cash for her. While I was there I found the coolest makeup! ELF has a Disney Villains's so awesome! I had a hard time restraining myself...I wanted to get several of them...but I managed to settle for the nail polish kit. which is 9.99 and was actually on sale for 7.50...for 12 nail polishes! Each villainess has specific colors...I really want to get the face makeup kits for each specific villain...well, other than Cruella De Vil...her colors were all beige and boring! Of course, we had to try them out right away...I actually contemplated saving it as a gift...but was too cool!

I went with Ursula's colors...they're my favorite!
Red Three mixed and matched.
Red Two chose the Evil Queen's colors...but left before I could take a pic. I don't think Red One did hers yet though.

Our neighbors had a garage sale, and Rachel snagged a cool car toy for Buddy...and another pump rocket. Those things are so neat...the kids love 'em.

The cutest Spiderman shirt ever! (Savers, of course!)
Going to work!

David got a new hardhat from work that doesn't fit...but is an awesome blue...Buddy loves playing with David's work he put that thing right on! 

This flag is extremely special to me. My brother, who is a captain in the Army, sent it to me. It actually flew over his convoy in Iraq. He served a 15 month tour in Iraq about 4 years ago (I think...I might have the date wrong...anyways, 4 or 5 years ago). He is due to deploy to Kuwait for a year really soon...he just reported to post, but not sure exactly when he leaves...I guess if he has to go overseas, Kuwait is (hopefully) a whole lot better than other areas. I will definitely be praying for his safety...and I hope y'all will too! And for his family as's a difficult time for all of them, especially his kids. 

Since Red 2 was off having a blast with her friend, we wanted to do something fun with the other kids. Papa showed up after she left...with a surprise in tow. He got me a JJ Watt's perfect!!!! I'll definitely be wearing it tomorrow, even though I don't think we get the game this week :( I'll make sure to get some pics of it then. Thanks Dad!!! I love it! Anyways, we set to planning. We decided that mini golf would be really fun. There's a place right down the road from us that is really nice, 18 hole course for $5 (pretty good deal!). We had a wonderful time...and all agreed that it was even more fun than bowling. Unfortunately, the season is ending...their last day is the 30th :( Even Buddy was playing...of course, we didn't keep track of his score...but he did pretty good! Dad and I tied at 53...par for the whole course was 45. For the longest time I got 3 on each hole....I finally got a couple of 2's and then some 4's and 5' was really fun!

Buddy couldn't wait to get to the castle! 

It was such a perfect day...not hot but not cold at all...just beautiful. By the time we were done playing though, it had gotten chilly! With the 6 of us playing...and not so well...we stopped several times to let other groups pass us. We were the only ones even there for a while...but then other people came and started sucking us, by the time we finished my hands were so cold! We definitely got our moneys worth though! And to cap off a perfect day, we headed to Sonic for supper. mmmmmm!!! Doesn't get much better than that!

I'll have to go through Red 2's pics from The Big E and I'm sure I'll be posting some of them next time. :)