Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Favorites

So, I wore my new J.J. Watt t-shirt on Sunday...but apparently it's not a good luck charm. :( But, anytime I start to feel really bad about the Texans, I just remember the Giants record and feel a lot better! (Sorry Dad Burns!) Bwahahaha, my poor Dad...a lifelong, exiled Giants fan...really feeling the pain this year!
Red 1 and 2 took these pics...oh well, you get the idea ;)

As expected, Red Two had a blast at the Big E. She made sure to bring her camera with her to document her fun. Her friend's grandma also sent me some pics. 

Games are serious business!
Cute animals they won.
I'd never even heard of this dude before! Guess he's popular though...

They even made it home before it got crazy late. They were smart and left before the last song to try to beat the crowds. Red 2 was so happy, she had a wonderful time!

Y'all should have seen the mountain on laundry that I folded yesterday! It had to have been like 10 loads, at least! I usually breeze right through folding, but that monster took quite a while! We want to put up a door in between the kitchen and mudroom...right now it's just propped in the doorway. Really need to get that done before our party this weekend! I did some of the prep work for it, but need to cut the trim and couldn't find the right tool for that...guess I'll look for that tomorrow.

Today Buddy, Rachel and I went to Pumpkintown with my MOPS group. I'd heard of this place before, but never been. It was really cute! Basically a little town populated by pumpkin people, as Buddy called them. I enjoyed it...I just wished it had a few more interactive spots. The hay maze was cute...they had some inner tubes to jump on. Buddy's favorite was the firehouse with mini sliding pole. It would have been cool if more of the buildings were open to play in. But, it was adorable and made for some great pics!

Buddy found the Batman pumpkin!
Cheatin in the hay maze...stinker!
Had a hard time getting Buddy to leave the tractor!
I loved these little critters!
Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married...
I thought the drunk pumpkin outside the saloon was hilarious!
The hay horse was cute
Buddy was sharing his popcorn with everyone!
Trying to convince David to get some pumpkin rims for his Mustang...lol

I picked up some pumpkin salsa and sweet potato butter at the farm stand. Can't wait to try them out! I'm a big fan of both...unlike David, lol...think they might both be all mine!

Some grocery shopping and kid carpooling...ramen for supper...now winding down. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on tonight! Woot! And that, as they say, is that.