Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tires...meh. Crowder...WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday morning I had to take the van in to get new tires. They were so bald, they were at the dangerous point. 

Before..scary! much better!

The sticker shock was not fun, but it needed to be done. Always hate spending so much for something that's not that well. While we were waiting, Buddy and I walked over to the children's consignment store to browse. I picked up a couple things for his Doctor Who costume. All I need now is a bow tie. 'Cause bow ties are cool.

I've been so excited waiting for Thursday to come. Dad got us tickets to go see David Crowder. He's my favorite christian artist...he's actually the one who got me back into christian music. Unfortunately, a lot of the christian artists are either not as talented or boring...IMO. But I LOVE David Crowder's stuff. He's just amazing. Now that the David Crowder Band is no more, he's touring with a more bluegrassy group. I pretty much love anything he does, but gotta admit I'm digging the old-school sound (and look). 

The concert was down in West Haven, about an hour away. We had the smoothest trip down though...usually the traffic in New Haven is horrible! We even had time to eat at Cracker Barrel before the concert. We felt it was very apropos! ;)

I was so in love with this drum and the fox!
Cool set!
Fixin to start!
We were nice and close!
This was the guitar tuner
Multiplayer :) He played banjo, mandolin, steel guitar...maybe something else
This dude found all his instruments in the parking lot according to Crowder ;)
Had a hard time getting a pic of the drummer...Crowder was in the line of sight mostly
The cellist was very talented...such a beautiful sounding instrument!
I seriously love that drum!
Can't have a hoedown without a fiddle! I was super in love with her dress too!!!
I have no idea what this instrument basically seemed like a wooden accordion in a box
It's always cool seeing an old beat up guitar
I really wonder what the story behind Ray is
This dude with the awesome resonator had an epic beard! As did much of the band
This guy did not...we joked that the non-epic beards were relegated to the back ;)
No beard...but a bow tie...and as we all know, bow ties are cool!
Some sort of cool xylophone
They played most of my favorites...and this is my most favorite!
perfect timing on this shot
There it is again!
We had the best time!!!
I couldn't decide which pic I liked best, so I put both!

The show was amazing! It was such an incredible night of worship...wonderful to see someone using their talents for the glory of God. Seriously, if you've never listened to David Crowder, I really encourage you to check him out...he's awesome!