Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Faire Festivities

OK, I know this comes as a surprise...but I am a big, fat geek! Shocking, I know. ;) Anyways, one of the things I love to do is go to the Renaissance Faire. I've been to the Houston Ren Faire, the Denver Faire, and the last several years, the CT Faire. While the Houston and Denver faires are amazing and wonderful (and huge!), the Connecticut Faire certainly has its charms.

We've been attending just about every year since moving to CT. This is from the first time we went. Look how cute and little the Reds are!!!

That dude was on stilts dressed up like an Ent!!! It was the coolest thing ever!

Anyways, I was super excited because this year the faire was having a time traveling weekend! Usually each weekend has a different theme...e.g., pirates, faery, etc. This year they actually changed a lot. The previous years the faire had been set at King Arthur's Court...and all the roleplay was from that time period. This year they changed it to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon's Court...more renaissance than medieval. Although, I must admit, I have a soft spot for the medieval time and King Arthur especially! (I contemplated studying Arthurian legends at one point!) But, it was cool seeing different costumes and role play this year. 

Anyways, as I was mentioning, this past weekend was Time Traveler's Weekend. Saturday was Steampunk (which is awesome!), Sunday was general cosplay (also cool) and Monday, Columbus Day, was Doctor Who day!!!!!!!! As soon as I found that out, I knew we'd be going on Monday! lol

I mean seriously...two of my favorite things mashed together...heaven! The kids got all excited too...they wanted to dress up as Who characters. Red One originally wanted to be a Cheem tree...but we managed to convince her to be River Song (she had the perfect black dress and was thrilled to get some red high heels and red lipstick and curl her hair ;). Red Two had a hard time decided between a Dalek and a Weeping Angel, but eventually settled on, as she likes to call them, the Lonely Assassins. Red Three wanted to be Rose. And of course, Buddy was the Eleventh Doctor. Rachel wanted to be the T.A.R.D.I.S., either the blue box or else the spirit of the TARDIS...we actually found a perfect dress at Savers so she could be Idris, spirit of the TARDIS. I was planning on being a female 10...I actually found a blue pinstriped dress suit, but I needed to alter it and still needed the shoes...just ran out of time. :( Oh well...I just went with one of my regular renaissance costumes. 

Red Two's costume was the most difficult to make. We found a perfect style dress at Savers...but it was aqua blue. We decided to spray paint it...the stiffness would perfectly work in our favor. I found some textured spray paint to mimic stone...also some wings and hair and face paint. It came out so awesome!!! To make matters better, Papa came too. He'd never been to the Ren Faire before. I don't think he knew what to think at some!

Hello Sweetie!
The angels have the phone box!
                                                 Rose!                                        River!
The Doctor and the Cyberman!
This Cyberman costume was epic!            Lots of Doctors
Please hold on while I apply my hallucinogenic lipstick :)
"Hello Doctor" ... "Doctor"
An empty child...yikes!
Don't blink, don't even blink!
You blinked!
The kids got a kick out of the Lost Boys rock band
Everybody loves kettle corn, even Weeping Angels
Being knighted by the King of France, Louis

This is when I about lost it...Buddy ran off to play on the bleachers while his sisters were being knighted...I was so busy taking pictures I didn't see him...scared the crap out of me. Thankfully a lady had seen him run off and told me right just takes a second taking your eyes off for them to ditch you! He got strapped back in right after that!

Priestess of Pompeii
These funny guys were the judges of the Doctor Who costume contest
I didn't love the stage was supposed to be a dragon but looked more like a demon to
All the Doctors! They divided the contest into three sub-categories: Doctors, Tardises, and Others
Buddy was robbed! LOL, but seriously, he should have been one of the semi finalists for the Doctors, but the judge misheard and took the girl next to him. Oh well, he was still super cute!
There were a couple other baby Doctors...Baby 10 was adorable!
A couple of 11's , a couple of 4's and a First Doctor were the semi-finalists.
1 wound up going to the finals. It was pretty cool, you don't see many 1's.
TARDIS time...haha...Rachel was the only human TARDIS, which was cool!
Then it was time for the Other category. 
There were a lot of awesome costumes. There was a Time Lord, Priestess of Pompeii, Cyberman, a few Rory's, Captain Jacks, Amy's, Clara's, but only one Rose (Red3) and one Weeping Angel (Red2)
The Cyberman had a voice synthesizer...totally awesome!
Love his face in this pic!
Red Two made it to the semi-finals! With the Priestess and the Cyberman
Look at that funny face...that is her personality just shining through...she's my wry, blunt, hilarious girl!
The cheers were so close for the Cyberman and Weeping Angel they both went to the finals!
That's my girl!
Apparently this Weeping Angel thought she was at a comedy contest!
Please cheer for me :)
The Cyberman wound up winning...but Red Two came in second! She had so many people come up to her telling her they voted for her and she should have won. She even had someone take a picture with her! It was the coolest thing ever!!! And that Cyberman totally deserved to win, his costume was amazing!

Dunno what this person is, but their armor was wicked cool
We missed the Birds of Prey demonstration, but still got to see the birds...they are so amazing.
Beefeater and Henry VIII...talking to Red Two
Dame Fiona and Sir Devon
Blue and Gold, you're so old! HAHA, can you guess which side of the field we were sitting on? We were rooting for Dame Fiona...the insults are always hilarious.
Sword fight
Booooo! Sir Devon won :(
Tardises? Tardi? What is plural? lol

Of course I had to get a pic in the TARDIS!

We actually forgot to bring her wings! Couldn't believe it! But I told her when we got home I'd take pictures of her with her whole costume. I am SO happy with how it came out! Everybody at the faire was talking about her. She was the only Weeping Angel there. The King of France actually sought her out to knight her...and then knighted everyone else when he saw their costumes too!

We had such a blast! Just seriously the best day! And of course, the ren faire food is always yummy! Didn't get Scotch eggs this time...but did get a Turkey leg, chocolate bacon, fried snickers and fresh squeezed lemonade. Only thing I couldn't find was the mini apple cider donut stand...they are always there and have a huge line...but don't think they were there this year...that was the only disappointing I guess that's not so much! :)