Saturday, October 12, 2013

Party, Party, Party! Pasta with the times!

Dad and I had attended a new member class at CLG a few weeks ago...even though we've been going there for almost three years, we haven't officially joined. David had to work but we decided to go without him ;) Anyways, they were going to have a dinner at the pastor's house for all the newbies. So this last Saturday we headed over to Pastor Dave's house for some food and fellowship. It was nice to get together outside the normal church building. It's always different seeing someone outside their natural environment. 

Pastor Dave and Marsha have a lovely home. They were so welcoming to everyone. There were several long-time members there as well to get to know and keep the conversation rolling. It was funny though...apparently the Red Sox were playing, so the game was on in one of the rooms if anyone wanted to keep score. Pastor Dave kept checking on the game too...hahaha!

Marsha made some delicious baked ziti, I think...someone else brought this really good chicken salad. It had potato strings on it...I don't know what all was in it, but it was yummy! I made a buttermilk skillet cake with pecan praline topping...a bit over the top but so good! Anyways, we had a nice time hanging out and visiting with everyone.

Sunday night we had a party...David had been wanting to have people over (remember how that's not normal, so I always jump all over it when he does! lol) and since it was his 3rd Cancerversary, we decided it was as good a reason as any. We have so much to be thankful for...and really, 3 years is reason enough! We actually had a party on the 1st cancerversary...but we weren't able to last year...we'll definitely try to keep it up though! This year, the date was actually the same date of his first brain surgery, Oct 6.

Rachel and the girls and I cleaned up all day Saturday. We got the place looking good! I made a plan for when each dish needed to be made...and it actually worked out! :) Doesn't always go so smoothly...I always wind up getting super stressed. This time I had everything spaced out and it was much better than normal. Of course, still a little stressed...but worth it ;)


     - Apple Cider Margaritas with cinnamon sugar rim (delicious!)
     - Pioneer Woman's Sangria (not a wine drinker, but that stuff is good!)
     - Tea
     - Beer variety

David kept trying to get everyone to drink his nasty Scotch...ugh! Bourbon on the other hand...I love bourbon in almost everything!

     - Olive Dip (made it on Saturday...super easy!)
     - Kahlua Brown Sugar Pecan Brie (oh my, SOOO good!)
     - Burgundy Mushrooms (Pioneer Woman's recipe...scrumptious...they cook all day on the stove)
     - Edamame
     - Spinach Dip and Beer Bread (brought by Tiffany...yum)
     - Crostini (which is just toasted baguette slices) to put all the yumminess on 

     - Smoked Brisket (the meats both went on the smoker Saturday night after the dinner at the pastor's)
     - Smoked Pork Shoulder
     - Apple Bacon Coleslaw (made on Saturday)
     - Mac and Cheese (supplied by the lovely Kim...delicious!)

     - Texas Style Peach Cobbler (Red One made it for me...she did a great job! Made that just for David...he loves peaches, loves cobbler and always complains that I never make it for him! Course, it doesn't help that I don't like peaches...but I do make him blackberry cobbler plenty!)
     - Inside out caramel apples (Pinterest FAIL! lol)
     - Inside out chocolate strawberries (a Pinterest ok...but not great)
     - Apple Pie (supplied by Dave and Sarah)

Everything came out really well...we had a bunch of friends who were able to make it. We wound up just relaxing and visiting and stuffing our faces. hahaha :P David and the guys got a poker game going. I thought about breaking out Taboo or something, but us girls just hung out and talked. 

It has most of the recipes for everything I made. The brisket came out super good this time! Pork shoulder is always's hard to mess it up, but brisket can be hit or miss. It can get really dry/tough pretty it's always a triumph if you get it to come out right. I was patting myself on the back ;) I mean, it was ALL gone so fast! We had leftover pork (which was a lot bigger, but the beef was devoured!)  Somehow David went from being the pit-master to me handling  it all...not really sure how that happened. hmmmmm

I was so mad...I deliberately got my camera out and put it on the counter so I wouldn't forget to take a bunch of pictures. But did I? Nope. Not one. GRRRRRRR The house looked so good, I had candles going everywhere, lots of friends all together...oh well. At least we all had fun. 

Oh yeah, I finally got David's mask mounted...I did it before the party, but not sure if anyone actually noticed. ;) 

I couldn't find a wooden plaque big enough to mount it I just put it right on the wall. Rachel suggested putting a little brass marker under it...I thought that would be pretty funny. Anyways, it goes pretty well in the dining room...all the right colors. I wonder if anyone else was nutty enough to mount their radiation mask...:)