Monday, February 10, 2014

Normality...kinda...I guess...I mean, what is normal? lol

So, I realized I never shared how the van came out. I came home from the play and David told me that it was all put back together except for the throttle cables connecting the throttle body. That was the last thing and he was so done...told me I'd have to put it back together. For all you non-car people like me, that's what hooks up to make your gas pedal actually do anything. It's just a bit obnoxious fitting the cables back on in the right order...and by that time of the day, his aggravation level had been completely met! He said it started...but I couldn't go anywhere until I hooked them back up...and then, at 4 in the morning, he headed to NJ...thanks babe! lol! Anyways...I managed to hook it up in no a tiny two piece puzzle. 

those are the cables on the left...and on the right is what they hook up to.

It's funny, I know nothing about cars...really...but I've worked on them way more then I ever thought I would. David's always calling me out to disconnect these plugs that you have to hold down the clasp and take them apart...the electrical connections. He's rotten at them...and I can usually get them pretty quickly. Oh, oh oh! I forgot...while taking a bolt off the back of the intake manifold (my hand fit better than his) I dropped a ratchet...and we couldn't find it! Luckily, David couldn't make fun of me too much, since he'd already done the same thing...but had better luck in that it fell all the way through to the ground. I'm scraping my hand all up trying to reach down in the tight space back go. Couldn't see it or feel it. So, needed to figure out how to get that out before driving it anywhere too...wouldn't do to have that come flying out while I'm driving. Unfortunately, we had a snow day on Monday, so wasn't a great time to drive the van up on ramps to look for it. The next day, Dad and I put it up and I was able to see the ratchet. The driveway was still a bit I was a little scared...I slithered under, got it out as fast as I could...couldn't budge it at first, but then I manages to loosen it and get out of there! hahaha...but anyways...after that, I drove it around to test it out. It was a little sluggish at first...but once it warmed up it's been driving like nothing ever happened. Whew!!! Glad it was a (relatively) easy fix...if extremely aggravating. Gotta admit, it is nice that David knows about cars and can take of stuff like that! Now, if only he's finish changing the rest of the brake pads out! :P

Because of the van, David wasn't able to take Red One I told her I'd take her to get her pedicure that week. I had bought her a gift certificate for her birthday...but we hadn't redeemed it yet. So Tuesday night just the two of us headed out. I've only ever been once myself...but it's so much fun and so relaxing I couldn't wait. There was no one there when we first got there. They have these massage good! Poor Red One was super nervous though...had a hard time relaxing. She didn't know what they were doing to her! hahaha...poor baby. She enjoyed it...but thought it was kinda weird too. lol...the lady even painted flowers on her toes. Super cute!

 Then we got Chipotle's afterwards...yum!

We got another snow storm on Wednesday...about a foot! Ugh...I am not cut out for this! I have to admit is super nice to have Papa around. He's out there snowblowing and shoveling. So much I'm usually the one doing that chore. I mean, I go out and help him, but he really does do most of it. Thanks Dad!!! I mean, of course I'm glad he's around for more than just the snow clearing...hahaha...but it's a nice perk! The kids had two snow days last week. They went sledding at Auntie Kim's house a bunch. We even made maple snow candy...they loved that!

Looks a little weird, but basically you boil the syrup down a bit...then pour it over the snow to harden. I remember reading about that in the Little House on the Prairie series...but had never done it before. Fun!

Here's my Buddy being adorable section ;)

Have you ever seen such a cute face?!?!?! David wanted me to send him some new pics of Buddy with his took many tries for me to get him still enough for the pic to come out ;)

Buddy actually took a pic of his lunch with my did he even get that idea??? So of course, like anyone else would, I Instagrammed it! bwahahaha

He came up to me and said "Look at my mustache!" I didn't have the heart to tell him it was on the wrong side of his mouth :)

Red Three had her first confession on Saturday. She was a little's so funny to see them go up all shy and nervous and then come back with the biggest smile on their face! It was really this church, the kids had to make a "fine garment" that they would put on after their confession. It was from the parable the Prodigal Son...when the son came home and his father forgave him and gave him a fine garment, and a ring and a feast. So she got to pick out some fabric to decorate to put on afterwards. They even gave all the kids little rings afterwards. I thought it was such a great way to drive home how much the Father loves us and forgives us.

David tried to take Red One paint-balling afterwards...but the field was closed. He was a bit steamed, as they brag about being open all year. He wound up taking her to a different field on Sunday. They had a lot of fun...but really they're gonna have to wait a while to play again. With the temps so cold the guns really don't want to work right. Not to mention, it's a bit sure wasn't gonna go watch them in that! But at least they had fun.

A few weeks ago I found some adorable dress shirts with ties on clearance at H&M for Buddy...and some really cute converse style sneakers. My favorite is this blue one with rocket ships, UFOs and planets all over it and a blue bowtie. Buddy was looking snazzy for church on Sunday!

Kim invited me over to breakfast with some other friends this morning. We had such a great time talking, laughing, and eating! They were even asking about my blog (I've been less than prolific lately :/) a shout out to Heather, Anna, Carey, Sarah, and Kim! hahahahahah ;) You made the blog! Thanks for having us today Kim!!! It was so much fun hanging out with all you lovely ladies! Then Sarah twisted our arms to go with her to Christmas Tree Shop (haha...not really! I mean, I'm always up for shopping!) I actually scored really cool artwork for my wall...I was super excited about it! 

lol...I'm realizing I don't have any Red Two pics to post for this week...I'll have to make sure to have a 2-centric post soon! lol

Tomorrow we are heading to Sloan in NYC for an MRI and then a check up with David's oncologist. Please keep us in prayer that things haven't changed. I'm really hoping that if everything is still normal that maybe we can start going less frequently. We'll see though. Yeah, I'll have gray expect an outfit post ;)

Dave took this great pic of Sarah, Kim and I when we had our dinner together last month. I meant to post it last time, but forgot. These are just about my favorite people in the world! Love my girlfriends!