Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cancer Sucks...if I never heard the word again, I'd be happy!

So I've been delaying this post...just having a bit of a hard time figuring what to say. The past few weeks have been a bit tumultuous emotionally. I posted about the fundraiser for our friends Dave and Sarah. While it was a wonderful evening, the reason that we had to do it is just plain no good. Not to be down or anything, but life is hard enough sometimes...throw in some cancer and then money issues for extra spice seems a bit overkill at times. Anyways...not only were we feeling our friends' pain...but some others were getting added to the mix. With their permission, I'll let you in on some of the story.

As I've mentioned ad nauseum, I'm part of the most awesome MOPS group. (Mothers of Preschoolers...seriously, if you are a mom of a child aged infant through kindergarten, get ye hence to a group!!!! They are amazing!)  Ever since we moved to Connecticut almost 8 years ago, I've been attending the same group. We joke about how I had Buddy just so I could keep going! lol! That's where I met my besties Kim and Sarah...and basically all my other friends. When David was first diagnosed...and really, ever since, the support I got from my MOPS group was unbelievable! I don't know how we could have made it without those lovely ladies! Well, as it turns out, two more of my beautiful mom friends joined the exclusive cancer club. Not to make light of's a club you hope and pray that none of your friends ever, ever receive an invite to. But, now that they're here...well, gotta have some humor.

I've known Linda ever since I started going to MOPS. In fact, at the very beginning, it was easy to get her and Sarah mixed up. They are both petite, black curly hair, and similar features...and the same bubbly, outgoing personality. Even people who have gone to their church for years still get them confused. 

Not the best picture, but the similarities are evident :)

Linda's youngest daughter is a year older than Red we've had many a playdate and birthday party together. After Linda graduated from MOPS I didn't see her quite as much...but then this year she came back as a Mentor Mom. Basically, a Mentor Mom is, obviously, a mom further along in her mothering path who shares wisdom, advice, helpful tips, etc with the rest of us. When she messaged Sarah and I to let us know that she had been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, I was shocked! Thankfully, this form of cancer is highly treatable and curable, praise God...but still...cancer is cancer and it's always scary! 

She had surgery three weeks ago to remove her thyroid. Unfortunately, scans showed that the cancer had spread to lymph nodes, I believe...but again, the treatment for this particular cancer is amazing...and kinda crazy! Basically, they'll inject irradiated iodine, and the only cells that are affected by the iodine are the thyroid cancer cells. It should eradicate all the stray cells no matter where they are in the body. However, during the treatment, she will have to be isolated, as she'll be really, but kinda. I was able to go to lunch with her a couple days ago and she looked great! The treatment should begin once she's all healed up from surgery, I believe. We are all so grateful that even with it having spread, the disease should be easily dealt with. I mean, no one wants to be radioactive! but the effects should only be a few days...and then hopefully things will all go back to normal, other than the thyroid meds she'll be on. Linda is an exceptional vocalist, and so having throat surgery was a bit of a concern, but so far, it seems her voice is normal...all kinds of blessings!


On to friend number two's story...

So I met Kim's sister-in-law several years ago when she started attending MOPS and we became friends as well. When Kim said that Carey had found a lump in her breast and was getting a biopsy, well, dread just filled me. It was actually during the night out at the brewery that I had to chance to talk to Carey and she confirmed that it was cancerous. While she's a beautiful, confident, strong lady...there's no way to be OK when you get the news. I couldn't believe she was able to function that night, not only that, but actually have fun! If you look back at my post about the fundraiser, she's in several of the pics, with that huge smile lighting up her face.

Carey's been meeting with doctors process is fairly intense. Thankfully it's not emergency situation or anything...she can take the time to set up a good treatment plan without having to rush terribly. I believe there have been surgery meetings, plastic surgery consultation, oncology appointments, biopsies, multiple scans, and even a trip over to Dana Farber to get a second opinion from a top grade cancer center. It seems that the consensus is to start chemotherapy first...see how the tumor responds...and then surgery in the early fall. That seemed backwards to is always the best option at removing and chemo is usually more of a mop up. But she said they explained it as being able to see which chemotherapy was actually effective on the cancer before surgery removed all visible tumors and then not being able to see if the chemo was working or not. Made a bit of sense. 

She's been keeping her sense of humor intact. She got an awesome haircut to prepare for chemo. I told her she was missing a funky color though! lol...

Maybe a blue like the Run or Dye, that pic on the right might be my favorite...the pigtails work Carey ;) 
She found this adorable cancer cell plushie that flips inside out to a healthy cell at her doctor's office...I kinda want one!

She said I could link her blog, if anyone would like to follow her story. I loved the title of her blog post about her cancer..."Killer Boobs" 

Honestly, at this point in our own cancer journey, we've adjusted. It's the new normal as we'll ever get. I can go for days without even thinking about it. Basically, yeah, it's like the Sword of Damocles, it's always there, but, then again, it's always can forget about it and live. You don't sit there staring at it...your eyes just pass over it for the most part. But when people around you start to have to deal with it, it's almost harder...I don't know...hard to explain. I guess you start to remember how it was at the beginning again...the sorrow, the uncertainty, the fear...the disbelief. You don't want that to happen to anyone else, but it is, and there's nothing you can do. I find that lately, when I cry about cancer, it's not because of my David...but all our dear friends who are struggling with it. I cry, I pray, and then I try to live. I'm so eager to help as much as all our friends helped us...not just because they helped us, but because of how much it meant to me, I want to be able to give that to someone else.

I know it's been really hard on Kim also! Not only do both her best friends' husbands have cancer, but now her sister-in-law. Sarah and Kim and I were's just crazy! Seriously, in my MOPS group, since I started going, there have been 5 members who either got cancer or their spouse did in just the last few years. That's insane! I mean, that's a pretty small group, from about 40 in those first couple of years, now 5 of us are dealing with cancer?!?!?!?! Just, really young to have so many, and they are all different kinds of cancer. First throat cancer, then my David with brain cancer, then Sarah's Dave with colon cancer, then Linda with thyroid, then Carey with breast. That just blows my mind!

But, again, I fall back on my faith...I know that we are in the hands of a loving God...and that no matter what storms may come, no matter what sorrow or joy, He is there, holding our hands, never letting go. We need only trust in Him.

I will leave you with the Scripture verse that has been a lifeline to me...literally...when I had my darkest moments, this was all I could grasp on to.

Is. 45:6-7 "I am the Lord, there is no other. I form the light and create darkness. I make well-being and create woe. I the Lord do all these things."

When I was a teenager going through very dark days, this verse, oddly enough, comforted me. It told me that even though I could see no way out, even though my life was in turmoil and awful, God was in control. God knew, He was there...even though I didn't know what was going to happen, or even why, He was working. It comforts me's my life verse that I can recite no matter what. and comes in the morning. I know, with all my soul, I know.