Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life goes on

OK, that was enough of a break :) Nothing too exciting in the Woolley household lately. And honestly, I don't mind...lol...sometimes excitement is fun, and other times it's just super stressful! A bit of downtime is very welcome.

First off, we were able to get David's medication issues straightened out. I had been stressing about that for a few weeks, so I was so glad the doctor was able to work it out! Thank the Lord! He should be back on track without any side effects.

On a not so great note, he's been having a lot more yucky days...which is seriously no fun. His body pain is still significant, if not constant. Headaches are also pretty common. Just gotta keep praying and hope that his neurosurgeon appointment next week will lead to good results. 

Last week Buddy and I were able to have a nice playdate at the park with Dacia and her boys. Unfortunately, it got cut a bit short, as David had left his computer at home and needed me to bring it to him, up near Springfield (bout 40 min away!)...booooo! lol...but I did get a lunch at Chili's out of it ;) 

We also had a MOPS playdate at the local children's museum. We hadn't been in a while...Buddy had a blast! And it was nice to have some fellow mamas to chat with instead of being bored out of my mind...haha!

Red One is part of FPS at school, Future Problem Solving, which is actually an international enrichment program that helps students learn how to think creatively and critically and solve problems. They typically involve potential future problems and divide into small groups to research and come up with a possible solution. Each year there are topics already selected...but then they were also able to work on an individual or group project of their own selection. Red One decided to make hers about Norse mythology. (Maybe too many Marvel movies? naw!!! lol). She did a great job. Not only did she do all the artwork on her poster, but she also made a powerpoint presentation to go with it. It was fun to see all the varied projects the students worked so hard on.

On Friday the other girls' school had field day. After hanging out with Sarah for coffee (and to admire her awesome new wood floors!) I headed over to watch the games. Some of them were hilarious! My favorite was watching the 5th graders pedaling the tiny little tricycles...haha

They also had a bunch of other activities like a three legged race, sack race, sponge relay and more. I always let the kids pick what they want for lunch that day, as the parents can eat with them outside afterwards. So, off I headed to Sonic to pick up some slushies and chili cheese tots :) Thankfully the girls' lunches were right after each other. All the grades are staggered, and I have had to wait forever in between before. Papa came for lunch too.

Afterwards I headed to Sams for supplies for Dave and Sarah's party the next night. I was gonna bring some smoked pork shoulder and Tres Leches cake. Dad and I had gone to the apple orchard earlier to get some wood. It's so cool, they have racks of wood for $20 a pop! It's really cheap! And applewood is great for smoking!

Saturday morning was our church's Ladies Breakfast. I always enjoy going...and the food was amazing! It was at the Adams Mill Restaurant, which I've been to a couple times and it was just meh...but apparently their brunch is fantastic...and it really was! It was so great hearing testimonies and encouragements from other women of faith, as well as chatting with a great group of ladies at my table. I had to hurry home afterward though, I had started smoking the pork at 8, and I really hoped the fire was still going. It was all good though. Whew :)

We had a great time at Dave and Sarah's...we were celebrating Sarah's birthday...and David's, since they're so close together. The poor girls were the only girls though...there was a pack of boys, who didn't always want to let them in the game. haha...poor babies...they managed though. All the food was so good, drinks were plentiful, and the company was better. Sarah's cousin has a cupcake truck, the Cupcake Brake, best frosting you will ever taste! Anyways, they brought some cupcakes, so of course I had to have some...blissful! Of course I forgot my camera :/ 

After church on Sunday, David and I went to the movies. We've certainly been enjoying being able to leave the kiddos at home...we haven't seen this many movies at the theater in forever! We had both bee looking forward to seeing The Edge of Tomorrow, and it had gotten great reviews. We loved it!!! If you haven't heard, it's basically Groundhog Day but with more aliens and fighting. Hahahaha!!!! It's a Tom Cruise movie, and honestly, I used to not be able to stand him...but he's growing on me more lately. That last Mission Impossible movie with Jeremy Renner was awesome! Anyways, in this movie, he starts out as a cowardly PR officer who gets sent to the front line in cuffs because he tried to blackmail the general to get out of it. While in battle he gets covered in the goo of a blue alien and dies, only to wake up the day before again. Rinse, wash, repeat...or as the slogan for the movie says, Live, Die, Repeat. lol...it was so good. Not only was it actiony, awesome visual effects and a great story, but they went for the humor in the situation as well...there were plenty of laugh out loud moments, especially his death scenes. It was also fun to see the transformation from coward to hero who saves the day. I also loved Emily Blunt as the badass warrior who had the same thing happen to her before. She was fantastic! 

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't highlight the more comedic moments...which I enjoyed, but it certainly shows off the cool factor ;)

Red Two had her big 5th grade pool party field trip yesterday. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and it was cooler and drizzly all day. They still managed to have a blast. She even fell asleep early in the living room...too much fun.

Oh yeah, I got to talk to my brother on Sunday for nice long time!  He's back in the States from Qatar on R&R for a month. I'd be grateful for y'all's prayers for him...he's going through a difficult family situation. It sucks, because he was hoping to actually rest and recuperate on leave, but instead it's turning out to be more stressful than being overseas. If you could keep him and his family in prayers, it would be so appreciated. I just wish we were closer so we could help more. Love ya bro!

Proud sis, that's for sure!