Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Favorite Month!!! 

Why is July my favorite month? It's my birthday! lol But we'll get to that's at the end, there was a lot that happened before. We started off with a bang...not. David had an MRI scheduled on the first, so off we went to NYC. Yay, my favorite drive. We left 3 hours early like always, which gives us about 45 min leeway...but we didn't count on Friday before a long holiday weekend traffic. Needless to say, we didn't make it...we got as far as the Bronx and we were late, stuck in hellacious traffic, so they rescheduled us. Ugh...that's the worst! I was not a happy camper! was just so upsetting! All that wasted time driving...and nothing to show for it!

So to make myself feel better, it was obviously time for mimosas with breakfast the next day ;)

Our town held their fireworks show that night, so the kids and I went off to watch them.

Panda girl was ready!

I always love fireworks! I think the kids get bored before I do! It was actually a bit chilly that night, so maybe that's why they couldn't wait to

The actual 4th of July was ok...kinda weird to be celebrating any holiday by ourselves. I don't like it, if I'm honest. We always used to go to our in-laws for any little holiday, cook out, etc...but now that we're the only ones here in CT, it's different. But whatever, the food was good! ;) We even got Daddy to eat outside with us!

The next day it was back to NYC for a long day of appointments! First up was a lumbar puncture with x-ray guidance (the last time they tried, they couldn't get a sample and it's such a painful procedure, so they wanted to make sure they could get a sample of his spinal fluid). We had to go to the main Sloan hospital for that. Thankfully it went smoothly. Then we took the shuttle to the regular office building for his checkup and chemo.

Gray selfie!
We were starving afterwards, so McD's actually tasted delicious! lol I'm not a huge fan, other than their breakfast and fries, but that chicken sandwich tasted heavenly!

Our friends live right next to the park where the fireworks show in the next town over is held, so we went over their house to watch. The kids were having fun running around...David and I were sitting visiting...then the fireworks started. We had to move to watch them, and David doesn't really care for fireworks, so he stayed put. Bear in mind it's all of a sudden, I hear this huge crash! So we all turn around, and there's someone on the ground!!! That someone was David...scared the crap out of me! Apparently Buddy asked him to come watch, so he got up, didn't have his cane or anything, tried to walk around the tiki torches after sitting for a couple hours, his balance was just off. He was so lucky he didn't hit anything big...he said it was like a twenty foot stumble that just finally ended on the ground. I'm so thankful he didn't get hurt at all, other than a little bump on his head. He was so aggravated of the other guests was an EMT, so she was trying to ask him questions, checking for concussion, and he was like, leave me alone! lol...I was like, she's just trying to make sure you're ok. I mean, he didn't say it out loud, but I could tell what he was thinking. Anyways, he was fine, just a bit bruised...but needless to say, I was shook up a bit...and so was he.

July is usually VBS season for up was Trinity's VBS. My kids always go even though we don't attend that church, but it is where I went to MOPS for years and years. They have an awesome VBS every year...this time the theme was Star Wars! Buddy was so excited! It was so cool, they did a great job! The kids put on their annual lemonade stand for was such a shame, they didn't get many customers this year like they usually do...but it was so sweet! I love their giving hearts!

too bright! 
Buddy loved looking for "customers"

While they were at VBS I did some maintenance on my toilet. It wouldn't fill, the valve was messed up, so I had to replace all the innards. Only took me a couple trips to it works! yay me!

Then it was time to head back to NYC for David's rescheduled MRI. We left the normal time, and even with some traffic and accidents we still got there early! You never know how it's gonna go. Thankfully it was just an MRI, so we were able to head back home right away afterward.

This day powered by Starbucks! lol

The following week our church had their VBS. The older two girls volunteered all week...and the younger two I had a blissfully empty home in the They had a great week...all of them! The last day of VBS, Musa, one of the ladies who was helping out invited us, along with a bunch of other people who were working, over to her house, on the lake! Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! We went out on the boat, and the kids were kayaking and paddle boating and fishing. Her husband Scott was showing Buddy how to kayak, and Fluffernutter how to paddle-board. He was so encouraging and they caught right on! We had the best time. It was lovely! There's something about the water that I's just so relaxing!

Buddy in a kayak for the first time!

her first time paddleboarding!

One of our good friends has a pool, so we've been camping out at his place a lot! lol...and he always makes me the best iced coffees! Todd is a school dad...his daughter Clever Bell is one of Glitter's best friends! and his son Snowball is a year younger...Buddy likes to bug him, I mean, play with him. They have just been so good to her all this last year. They are constantly picking her up, taking her out to eat or for sleepovers or to swim. They love to spoil her! Which makes me love them! lol Even better, David and Todd get along really well, so that's a fun plus! We are so happy that we've become friends! Not to mention extremely grateful for all his help with the kids during appointments, etc. He's always happy to pick up the kids from school if necessary...and that one week David was in the hospital unexpectedly, Todd took all four of the kids for a couple nights! Needless to say, he's one of our favorite people!

One weekend Kim and her family and all of us went to Todd's for a swim party! The kids had such a good time, until Kim's eldest somehow managed to bust her nose with her knee...but she was kinda proud of the black eye she!!! And Kim dove for the first time!!! We had such a fun day! Clever Bell even had a bunch of birthday presents for Glitter! Some cool anime swag, plus these very fun donut socks! She was super happy. And I got a TARDIS mug!!! yay!

Like I mentioned last post, our computer died last month. It was the worst! I might be a little addicted, so not being able to check out my Pinterest or FB, etc on the big screen, or not be able to listen to my music playlist was just so not fun! Thankfully I could use my phone, but it isn't the same to me! It just wouldn't turn on one day. I think it might have been my leaky fridge that killed it. Turns out it was the power button, so we got a new case. Todd came over to help David move all the parts to the new computer.

and I thought the old case was big! this thing is HUGE! 
Caught him smiling...he's usually camera shy :P haha, gotcha!

My mom finally came out to visit for the first time in six months. Everyone was excited to see her. She was gonna make it right in time for Glitter's birthday! She got here the day before...just in time for all the prepping madness! least this year Glitter didn't have a friend birthday...just a family party.

beautiful skies to greet Mumsie

Since Glitter was turning 10!!! She got her ears pierced. She was so cute...super nervous, but such a trooper! First Daddy, Mumsie, and I took her out to eat (sushi), then we headed to the mall to get her pierced.

mmmm, sushi!
another one?!?!?!

Glitter decided to have meatballs, Asiago cheese gnocchi, and sauteed mushrooms! That's my girl!!! What a great menu! The meatballs were super delicious...I didn't love the cheese sauce, it was a bit rich for me, but still great overall.

Daddy and the birthday girl!
Mumsie's birthday present...fluffy chair!!!
This donut pillow is just the biggest hit!
She doesn't like cake or frosting (what kind of child is that???) So she got a smores flavor pudding cool whip layer thingie...she was happy

Got a one day break, then it was my birthday. Mom and I went out for lunch at Maggie McFly's...our food was SO good! I had coconut shrimp and garlic mashed potatoes, she got salmon and rice I think...delicious! We walked around the mall for a little bit, but then I had to get home to take David to the doctor, his physiologist. Unfortunately, he wants David to start up with more physical not loving that, but oh well...hasn't started back up yet. Speaking of, I should probably call them and find out what's

Shift wanted to make everything, so I came up with a menu that I hoped wouldn't be too much for her. Broiled salmon with bourbon brown sugar glaze, steaks for the grown ups, roasted sweet potatoes, and parmesan zucchini corn (sounds harder than it actually is). Plus the tweed cake (it's a yellow cake with flecks of chocolate, so it looks like tweed) She did such a good job!!! Everything came out delicious!

It's hard to see, but I found this adorable rockabilly style dress at...wait for it...Savers!!! my favorite place! lol

my sweet girl!
It was a very happy birthday!

Even though it wasn't Glitter's year for a friend party, she got taken out by her best friend Pinkie Pie and her mom for a fun day out celebrating! They did so many great things! First stop was a French bakery for macarons (Glitter's favorite!) and croissants...followed by a pottery painting place. Then they topped it off with a stop at a cupcake shop! That was a perfect day for my sweet (not so) little girl!


David and I snuck out for a date day to celebrate my birthday as well! We really wanted to check out the new Jason Bourne movie, so out we went for dinner, I mean, lunch and a movie! David was sad I'd been to Maggie McFly's a few times without him, and he'd never been, so we went there

Avocado fries...I loved them!
blurry, but he's still cute

The new Bourne movie was OK...definitely not as good as the first three...but way better than the Renner The thing that annoyed me the most was the shaky cam! It was so shaky that the fight scenes, that are usually awesome, were so blurry you couldn't even tell what was happening! And it never stopped, it was shaky the WHOLE movie! so annoying! But it was decent...worth going to if you're a fan of the series.

Then later that night, Sarah took me out to dinner at a great Italian joint for my birthday! We had a nice time visiting. And the food was scrumptious! As always, we love getting together and just hanging out! I could hang out with her for that's how you know you're best friends!

Which brings July to a delicious feel like all I talked about this post was food...but there was a lot of good food that month! haha