Tuesday, August 2, 2016

June Recap

So, I know it's been waaaayyyyyy too long! First I was procrastinating...then my computer broke! It literally would not turn on! So it was down for about three weeks I'd say...then David bought a new case and once everything was transferred over it worked! Oh my goodness, can y'all say withdrawal?!?!?!?! Seriously! It was NOT fun...I may be slightly addicted to the internet. And the phone just isn't the same. I gotta have the big screen, the keyboard, my speakers...So I am one happy camper now that it's back up! lol...and then I procrastinated another week...lol...but here I am! This post I'm just gonna finish off June, then next post will cover July. Cool? Cool.

Picking up right after our trip to Sloan, Fluffernutter had her class awards ceremony the next day. At the end of the school year, they have a nice ceremony for each team at the middle school. Fluffernutter got ALL the awards! basically...lol...she kept getting embarrassed every time I made her get a pic! I was so proud of her! She received the President's Education Award (with a letter from the President), Award for Straight A's in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, not to mention completing Algebra 1, two years early! She had a fantastic year! Although I did tease her for not winning the Reader award...as she always has her nose in a book! lol

Then the next day it was Shift's turn! She also had a wonderful year! She also got the Presidential award...plus some other ones...I forget (and I can't find them to read them off, like I did Fluffernutter's :/). And, she got the voracious reader award! hahaha...at least one of them did! ;) But really, with all the craziness of the last year, the kids did awesome, kept up on their work, and did so well! Great job girlies!

The elementary school had another spirit day, this time the theme was Disney.

Don't you just wanna squeeze them???
Buddy didn't want to dress up, but he wore his Stormtrooper sneakers, which is Disney now! lol
My favorite princess! Glitter Belle! and some pretty flowers...lol

Friday was the Kindergarten graduation...it is the cutest thing ever! They have little robes and paper caps for the littles. So adorable! David was feeling OK that day, so he came too!

marching in
Mrs. Kilgus!!!
They let the siblings attend too!

The technical last day of school was going to be a half day on Monday...I said no way! that was the most ridiculous thing ever! I ALWAYS make the kids go the last day even when they beg me not to...but I was like, Monday? half day? no thank you, y'all can stay home! So after the kindergarten graduation we made our yearly end of the school year trip to Dairy Queen! Always a crowdpleaser!

Shift had her big 8th grade fancy dance that night. She went shopping with her friend for a dress, we even colored her hair to match...she looked adorable! Can't believe I've got a freshman now!!!

I finally got together to celebrate birthdays with Sarah and Kim too! We just went for apps and drinks. We tried out this new place, NIXS...it was pretty cool! The decor was neat, and they had live music on Friday nights with no cover! I think I'd definitely like to check it out again for dinner sometime.

Tuna Tartare Tacos...yummy, but wished there was more! lol
My favorite ladies!

Our town does an annual rabies clinic at the firestation so you can get your dog vaccinated (without the crazy vet fees!) and then register them right after if you need to. I took advantage of it this year...silly Freckles was obnoxious and loud as always, but she actually was better than the last time we went! hahaha...so many friends to talk to!

She's legal!

My friend Nicole had a coffee morning on the actual last day of school. It was fun to get together for relaxing without all the kiddos...but since mine didn't go to school, I just left them home! hahaha...I love having older kids! Speaking of Nicole, she actually sent me a gray pic and I totally forgot to post it during May, so here it is! Guest post!!! Thanks Nicole!

With her sweet kiddo in gray too! 

No school! Whatever shall I do with myself??? Well, for starters, Monday morning, Dr appt at 8am sharp! Ugh! plus multiple physical therapy appointments, neuropsych, bloodwork, prescription refills...sigh... At least physical and speech therapy would be done with by the end of the month. They didn't feel that he was gaining any further benefit from it...He was stronger, but still imbalanced and dizzy. They figured it was a permanent side effect from the surgery. He improved some, got a bit stronger, but still dealing with the high heart rate and low blood pressure. Plus, starting to get nausea and vomiting again, this time from the chemo. I was happy enough not having to make the trips to therapy twice a week anymore!

But it wasn't all no fun! Sarah gave us a Sweet Frog (froyo) gift card, so we did manage to carve out time for a trip there!

bonus kid! lol...Shift's bestie...oh, and can we say Buddy's crush! He adores her!

I already posted about Shift and I's concert experience (ah-mazing!) so I'll move on. On Father's Day I had to work the nursery at church, but David did go, which was great! and then we headed to Burger-Fi for Father's Day lunch! It's one of his favorites!

Yum! The burgers are good, but the "Cry and Fry" is delicious!!! 

Silly Glitter had a sleepover with her sweet friend. Clever Bell is sitting there all cute and there's Glitter, goofing up the place! lol

This little guy wanted me to show off his awesome slippers! 

Kim and Sarah and I have been walking together a bit, and we usually go to the reservoir right by the school. This time we brought some of the kids...and we even saw the magic koi (lol) that lives there! I'd actually never seen it before!

so cool!

We had a birthday party to go to...and the kids got to ride a 4 wheeler...Fluffernutter loved it!

And of course, what is summer without swimming!

Coming soon...July :P